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5 Little Things Everyone Could Do to be Greener

It always amazes me when I see this, but these are 5 things that people can do to be greener and they DO NOT..

1. Bring your own mug to coffee houses

The coffee stays hot longer, won’t have a chance of the lid popping off and then scalding your body, and is something that you can hold solidly and carry around all day.

Plus you can even get a discount on coffee if you bring your own mug. This is not that hard to do.

Here are some cute travel mugs that work well:

2. Bring your own bags

I know this sounds stupid… but there are SO MANY reusable bags out there that you can keep in the car in case you forget, or have foldable ones that you can stick in your bag, that there is no dang reason to not have a bag.

NO REASON AT ALL. I have bags EVERYWHERE, even at the office just in case.

If you are truly dog dirty bone cheap, then go to the store, get yourself a nice, free sturdy plastic bag from a store (Winners has some solid bags, same with office r home stores)… then fold it up and REUSE IT by sticking it BACK in your bag or car for the next time you head into the store.

If you want to buy a nice reusable bag, here are some cute options:


3. Use your own cutlery at work

Eat a lot of takeaway? Stop taking their cutlery at least.

If you have to use something that they give you to pack / takeaway your food in a plastic container or something, AT THE VERY LEAST, have your own cutlery at the office you can bust out to use instead of those terribly flimsy forks and knives.

It is an easy win.

Cute cutlery options:

4. Avoid buying any oxybenzone or octinoxate in your sunscreen

This one is not that difficult, but did you know that oxybenzone and octinoxate in your sunscreen is harming coral reefs?

I am more of a mineral sunscreen girl myself, but I know that chemical can sometimes be the only way to not turn out pasty white (or in my case, end up with purplish limbs)…

Here are some of the best sunscreens I’ve ever tried and would recommend wholeheartedly:

5. Choose more glass, and less plastic

This.. is… not that easy. BUT! It is not impossible.

When I go for drinks, I choose more glass-bottled fare and avoid the plastic stuff.

Any plastic is less desirable for me than something that is glass instead.

I really think that just a small difference in deciding NOT to take a plastic bottled drink instead of a glass one, is one less bottle that is going to end up in a landfill.

Even for my milk, I buy milk in reusable glass bottles which is now readily available across most major Canadian cities – La Pinte in Québec, and Harmony Organics in Ontario as far as I know.

It is an easy decision at the counter for me to pick glassed kombucha tea instead of another soda drink in a plastic bottle, and it makes me feel better.

Or, just bring your own water in your mug and avoid paying for it completely.


  • kay

    what’s even better, is stop drinking coffee, byo water bottle everywhere..

    I’m sick and tired of plastic water bottles in every event I goto and even some acquaintances offer plastic water bottles in their homes. what a waste!! and how much bad for the environment … and the body!

  • liteadventurer

    There are several cities in the US that have banned plastic grocery bags, and the trend will likely spread. I’m curious as to how pet owners will have to alter their habits when free plastic bags are harder to come by. I have a cat, and those plastic grocery bags really come in handy when it’s time to scoop litter. Dog owners probably find them helpful too. There are some flushable litters, but they’re garbage and do not control odor at all. Paper bags are also not ideal due to their lack of flexibility and narrow openings.

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