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2015 Street Style and Fashion Review (Instagram @saverspender)

I joined Instagram on January 6th 2015, and here was my first ever (terrible) post:

Layering necklaces, the first time in a long while (6 years!!). Layered a multi-chain, double stone and a hardware-DIY bolt necklace.

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Pretty much the next day, I went out and bought an upgraded iPod Touch with a better camera so I could take better shots.

I immediately fell in love with Instagram because it is easy to take pictures with my iPod Touch and then upload them to show you what I wear on a daily basis. I’m lazy, so while I love fashion, style and blogging all about it, I needed an easy way to share what I wear with all of you, and it ended up being .. Instagram!



One | Two | Three

Four | Five | Six

Seven | Eight | Nine

What this tells me is that you guys REALLY like that cheapie Banana Republic cobalt square jacquard skirt I picked up for $30, and the combination of BLUE + WHITE.

You also just really like shots where I mix prints, and I do too..!


These are my favourites out of 2015. Some of them overlap with your picks too!

Today’s graphic #ootd is a @bananarepublic tuxedo top and skirt with a @jcrew tipped linen blazer.. #whatiwore #style #fashion

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Today’s #ootd is a #Sundaybrunch dress shop dress with an #anthropologie tribal belt #officechic #officestyle #fashion

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#style @cuyana ‘s alpaca cape was something I’d been #lusting after for a long time #ootd #shopping #shopaholic #shoppinghaul

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I obviously love mixing white and blue, but I also like full skirts it seems, especially my Club Monaco White Pleated Bernadine Skirt with pockets (!!) and my Banana Republic Sloan Fit Striped black and white pencil skirt. It just goes with everything.

I also like wearing a lot of belts. A LOT, and my favourite pant look is my Banana Republic Sloan pant, high heels and some sort of striped top with any of my Artizia Chevalier jackets.


Still loving my @katespadeny NYC map scarf!! Every time I wear it I think of my time in #NYC .. #ootd #style

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Surprisingly or not, my Burberry trench coat belt with the double buckle got the most use out of all my outfits this year.

I just find it perfect in adding that special touch to any outfit, belting coats or tops and finishing the look.

Here’s to a GREAT 2016 and thank you all for following me on Instagram. I appreciate it and look forward to your comments 🙂


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