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10 expensive items to flaunt your wealth

From Moneyland Time (you should go read about all of these items in detail)

1. $90 T-Shirt from Goop
2. $25 Celebrity Lollipop from Sugar Factory
3. $666 Douche Burger from the 666 Burger food truck in NYC


4. $11 Foie Gras Donuts from Do or Dine
5. $1600 for Digital Art
6. $10,000 Martini from NYC Alongquin Hotel
7. $25,000 Luxury Doghouse from La Petite Maison
8. $100 Cup of Coffee (Civet-Pooed)
9. $2600 Bottle of Water
10. $1 Million Dollar Vacuum Cleaner (Gold Plated!)


All above images from Time. You should go and read the article here.

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  1. Christina

    A $90 t-shirt better be indestructible.  
    I could see myself buying one of these items (if I had the money) if atleast 90% of the proceeds went to charity.  On Celebrity Apprentice, friends of the contestants come in and pay $1000 for a hamburger quite often.

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      That $90 t shirt better wash itself and make me fried chicken for that price.

  2. The Asian Pear @ Blogspot

    *scratches head* If I had money, I wouldn’t buy a gold-plated vaccum. I would hire a maid though.

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      Even smarter 😉

      Who would have a gold plated vacuum anyway? What kind of status is in that?

      1. Helen

        The said hired maid would have the gold plated vac (that you’ve graciously supplied) so she could be the talk/envy amongst other maids!  😉

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