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Went shopping today and didn’t buy anything

You must be shaking your head thinking: HOW!? This girl is a crazy shopaholic, and she is living in NYC for goodness!!



This is the first time I’ve ever gone out to window shop and came back with nothing.

No. Joke.

Well, before you think that I didn’t go into any stores where I’d be tempted, I went into plenty around Soho including high-end, low-end and consignment shops.


I saw a lot of things I immediately wanted, but thought all the way through:

  • Price is too high for what it is
  • Meh. A striped shirt. It’s not EXACTLY what I wanted (dark navy blue with white stripes)
  • Do I really need another dress/top/pair of pants?


I had originally planned to go out and just browse, keeping in mind 3 items on my Wish List:

  • Men’s Watch — I returned the Skagen; it needed to be slightly smaller-faced
  • White Soft Jersey Blazer
  • Dark Navy Blue with Thin White Stripes Top

Since I couldn’t find ANY of those three items, I didn’t buy anything.

I steeled myself, and exercised my willpower, which felt pretty damn good.

I even went into some consignment stores and almost bought an Alice + Olivia Beige Shirtdress for $90  but felt as though it was too short and sheer to be wearable for the long-term.

*pats self on back*


Surprisingly, I also got complimented a lot on my outfit.

They liked the color of my skirt:

..and that my shoes were actually woven ribbons, not a printed pattern:

Naturally, I took a lot of it with a huge grain of salt because they had hungry salesperson eyes… but it was still nice of them.

Funny enough, I got the skirt at Forever 21 for $20 (?) and the shoes were from Singapore for $90, with a plain t-shirt.

Goes to show that money can’t buy style.


  • G.

    $90 for shoes in Singapore? did you add an extra 0?

    • Mochi & Macarons

      No!! $90 SGD were well worth it for how nice they are.

      I don’t buy cheap shoes unless they’re flip flops or house shoes.

      Treating my feet well by buying the right materials is one of the best pieces of advice I ever received.
      I don’t think I still own any $9 shoes, seeing as they’re horrible for my feet after a while..

  • Leigh

    I succeeded (?) in not buying anything in Montreal other than Leonidas chocolates (mmmmm! so good!), but in Quebec City, I found some stuff at Jacob! I think it’s super weird that I can go into a store in one city and not find anything I want and then find a ton in another city at the SAME store. I bought a couple of dresses and finally found a black cardigan to replace the one I bought in 2004. Why is it so hard to find a black cardigan?!

    P.S. I love those shoes too!!!

  • Mochi & Macarons

    You never seem to have a shopping problem!!!! You’re always beating yourself up over what you buy.

  • B. (Below Her Means)

    When I’m in NYC for work, I like to go buy the $5 silk scarves at the street markets and then bring them home for headwraps, headbands, belts, etc.

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