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Best iPhone and iPod Touch apps to date

As you all know, I finally got a smartphone (iPhone), and I have to say, I can absolutely see what people like smartphones in general — that constant internet connection is addictive.

5 reasons why I really like my iPhone

  1. ALL of my email addresses can be checked at the same time *cough* I have a lot…
  2. Constant internet at my fingertips (dreamy Weather updates & Map functionality)
  3. Now I can use apps that I could never dream of before (TripIt!)
  4. Decent camera capabilities; I still prefer my Canon S95 for shots, but it’s pretty good
  5. I can finally make phone calls! (haha) 😛

As a result, I’ve been trying to find even more apps and I’ve come up with this list that is brief, costs a bit of money, but is really starting to have a positive impact on my life.


AwesomeNotes: $3.99. To Do list in categories, and an information repository. Do It Tomorrow: FREE! To make short 3-item To Do lists that you set up for the day and complete To Do: $4.99. I use this only for major projects with different links and everything to remember. It’s great for work, like a mini MS Project.


Photosynth: FREE! To use with the Camera function, you can do panoramic shots SO EASILY!! It’s amazing. Barcode Scanner: $0.99. Now I can scan any barcode and check its price instantly. WIN! I did have to pay for this, but it is well worth it because it simply works. The other barcode scanners (I downloaded all the free ones), suck.


Echofon: FREE! To date, the best (free) Twitter app so far. I heard good things about HootSuite, but it was too unwieldy for me to use.


Aerobyte Software PF Apps: Frankly, I just go to their site and download everything I think looks interesting.

  • Canadian Sales Tax
  • American Sales Tax
  • Savings and Interest Calculator
  • Tip Calculator
  • Loan Calculator

There’s a whole bunch of apps you can sift through.


FlightAware: FREE! Lets me know if/when my flight gets delayed. TripIt: FREE! FANTASTIC app that just takes all your reservations and organizes it. I cannot tell you how invaluable this is for someone who travels a lot (like me) and who books things ahead of time and has to get it all organized properly. The paid version is $49/year and you can get flight status updates (instead of using FlightAware separately) and to have my points balance constantly updated.


Trelleborg Converter: FREE! I can’t believe this one is free either, but they don’t really do a good job marketing/advertising it so not many people use it. I use it on occasion to convert things easily and it is invaluable especially if you come across strange conversions and can’t remember the math conversion of pound to grams. Can you recommend any more helpful apps?


  • Christina

    I have so many productivity apps on my iphone but I still end up preferring pen and paper.  They are all so tempting and I think they’ll make me more productive but I end up forgetting about them.

    I actually feel guilty that I prefer my camera phone over my more expensive point and shoot. There are so many great apps for it.    I recommend Shazam.  I’m a bit addicted to it.  If there is a song on the radio or in a store that I like, instead of trying to remember the lyrics to google later, I open the app and it figures out what it is for me.

  • Miemo Khamvongsa

    I think you should get addicted to instagram. And follow me 😀 @miemonster:twitter 

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