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In the world of Mochi and Macarons

I watched ‘Despicable Me’ and enjoyed it. This was my favourite scene from the movie with Agnes squealing over a fluffy unicorn:

The second best scene was when he was having a tea party with the girls:


I’ve been going to yoga pretty regularly and feeling a lot better.

A membership in the end, is totally worth it.

  1. Makes me want to use it because I paid for it
  2. Different teachers really put you through different workouts
  3. I have a competitive streak to finish the class no matter how I feel
  4. I always feel better afterwards

Hope your week went well 🙂

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In the world of Mochi and Macarons

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  1. eemusings

    I LOVED Despicable Me! Those girls are almost as cute as the kid in Monsters Inc.

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      Monsters Inc was awesome too.

      I think these movies are for grow ups too 🙂 not just kids

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