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Review: The Dyson Animal Digital Slim Vacuum Cleaner

Yes, we’re those people. You know, the kind who buy really expensive HEPA filter vacuum cleaners that don’t lose suction and last for a very long time compared to other brands.

We owned another Dyson Multi-floor Canister Vacuum model in the past:

…but I found it really annoying to wheel around as I was vacuuming the house. I had to pull on the cord a lot and it kept getting stuck in corners, not to mention the cord being far too short (or we just have really badly spaced out wall outlets).

So when we gave that vacuum to my parents (yes, our $600 vacuum as a gift that I am sure I could have resold on Craigslist without a problem) to replace their crappy 30-year old model that spat out dust rather than getting rid of it, we bought a new one and this time we had 3 criterion:

  1. Can’t be annoying to lug around and use like the old Dyson
  2. Has to be lightweight
  3. Has to be slim and easy to carry / store / move with

Enter: The Dyson Animal Digital Slim Vacuum Cleaner

Not only is it lightweight, slim, and not annoying to lug around to vacuum, it is also CORDLESS.

You also empty the valve by pulling down on the red tab and dumping it into the trash. Pretty easy.

No need to open, unhook or dismantle anything like in the above Dyson cleaner (my mom still has trouble figuring out how to empty the damn thing)

The pros are all listed above, and are great… but as always there are cons that I should list:

  1. You have to hold down on the button with your hand to vacuum — after a while this really REALLY hurts; no switch to keep it on
  2. It only lasts about an hour or two when you’re using it on MAX blast,¬†then you need to charge it again for 5 hours
  3. Takes 5 hours to charge!!
  4. Only really meant for a smaller place where you vacuum a room a day (1100 sq. feet max); not suitable for a large house
  5. To empty the dust, it’s pretty easy (just a little valve), but you have to stick your fingers in there to pull out the fuzz..
  6. After one go-round of the major spots in the apartment, it needs to be emptied because it has reached its MAX level
  7. The vacuum head is small, which means it gets into corners easily without having to change the heads but it also takes longer to vacuum

So the cons look like a lot, but for me, the lightweight, small size, portability and general ease of use (except for that stupid holding down on the button with your thumb to keep it on design), makes this Dyson vacuum  cleaner a great one for me.



  • Revanche

    Oooh I was really wanting the Dyson but that button thing is a dealbreaker for me. That would kill my hand/wrist. So close!

  • SarahN

    One Boxing Day sale I bought myself a small Dyson, just a normal style one (not for animals, not with those ball like wheels). I LOVE it. I do have to empty it of dust (naturally). The cord is an OK length, the longer would always be good, but I know as an electrical engineer, it’s not all that!

    For stupid reasons, we have TWO vacuums. The BF brought one to the shared home. He’s NOT keen to let go of it (he doesn’t use it, nor does our cleaner). He was mighty annoyed when a friend short term borrowed it! Weirdness I tell you!

  • SP

    The button thing sounds almost like a deal breaker to me. Why would they do that?? Cordless isn’t super attractive to me either – i could take it or leave it.

    We have mostly hard wood, and had really good luck with Spiffy Maid Bagless Broom Vacuum It has a really long cord, is very lightweight, and has HEPA filter and a lot cheaper than the Dyson (which we seriously considered).

    But – it isn’t sufficient for carpet. I’ve had an older vacuum since I graduated (EUREKA Boss) that works well if we need a deeper vacuum on the rugs – but is pretty heavy.

  • Cassie

    That button sounds like a royal pain in the ass. We were originally looking at that style of model, but a lot of the reviews we read said it only lasted 15-20 minutes at full power (maybe some people got duds?). From your review, I can tell that it wouldn’t have been suitable for us, so it’s probably for the best that we didn’t get it. Including all floors, we have about 1800 sqft of living space, and a dog that sheds like a beast. He may be the only animal I’ve ever met that loses more hair than I do! We own one of the animal versions similar to the one up top. I like it, but my husband is less impressed. I feel like if we went back to our old vacuum for a day he’d remember how bad that was and how good we have it now!


      No they’re right, 20 minutes is correct. I can get through my 800 sq. foot apartment if I am quick but then I have to charge it.

      I like it because it gives me a break from vacuuming and that button kills my hand.

  • Natalie

    We LOVE the DYSON! We have one at our home, and it sucks up all the tiny dust which helps with my husband’s allergy, The problem is — MY HAIR. We are using the DC 37, but my hairs get jammed into the roller quite often. So we are thinking of replacing the front roller.

    Love them!

  • Erika

    I’ve got one of the original dysons that was refurbished. It is big and bulky, but I hate when I’m forced to vacuum with anything else. I have tile and carpet plus indoor pets and I swear by the dyson.

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