Save. Spend. Splurge.

You’re designing the life you have and want

Bottom line – you’re in charge of your life, are you not?

There may be things out of your control, but the things within your control are not being handled properly if you feel like other people/things are making decisions and controlling your fate.

You visualize the life you want.

If you are negative, thinking terrible thoughts or situations or worst-case scenarios instead of what your life could be – inspirational, motivational and amazing – you are going to get exactly what you deserve.

If you think you suck at managing money, and you’ll always be in debt and poor, that’s what you’ll be.

If you instead, channel that energy to finding different ways to improve your life – just reading a free library book is a start – you start to see other opportunities pop up.

I strongly believe in being observant about what is happening around you.

Don’t let life happen to you; take it by the reins and design the life that you want.

I’ve noticed that once I had a mantra of: I want to stick to X amount this month and hit Y goal this year, I started to see so many ways and opportunities to do exactly that.

I stuck to my budget. I hit my goals, I was conscious that every action I was taking was bringing me to the life I wanted, and I started to see ways I could improve.

Of course, you can’t be on the ball 24/7, but you can for instance, decide to not buy something on impulse at a store because you think it is cute, because you KNOW your goal this month was to stick under a certain budget, and buying that item would bring you closer to busting that number.

Stop making excuses.

There is always a good excuse to not do something. You will always find a way to decide not to do it.



Because anything worth having is WORK.

It takes WORK to change.

It takes WORK to believe in something else.

It takes WORK to read a book and struggle through understanding how you should manage your money.

Know what’s easier?


NOT putting in the work.

Taking the lazy way out, making excuses, and scrolling through your phone instead, feeling down about your life.

Take for instance – a fancy vacation you have been dreaming about.

“Oh but it’s too expensive”

So scrimp and pinch to save up for this fancy vacation. If you save for 5 years and get to take it in 5 years not in one year, it will feel even sweeter.

“Oh but the kids won’t want to go”

Did you ask? Did you tell them why YOU want to go? Why it’s important? You’d be surprised how responsible and mature children can be when you take the time to explain things to them. They could even get excited about it and find ways to save more money so you can all go.

“I can’t take the time off work”

Really? You’re so important that you can’t even take 2 weeks off? I don’t think so.

We have an overinflated sense of how important we are, but the brutal truth is that if we were unable to be in our job the next day, they’d make do or find someone else.

We have an issue here in North America of not taking vacation AND BEING PROUD OF IT.

One of the best perks of being an employee is vacation. As a freelancer, I DREAM of it because when I am on a contract I never take time off because I see money being lost.

As an employee, that time is baked into your salary. TAKE. YOUR. VACATIONS.

So. What other excuses do you have to not designing and leading the life you want?

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  • SarahN

    Hunger… losing weight is hijacked from the pangs in my stomach

  • Jodie

    Design the life you want and stop making excuses. I agree 💯 percent. We don’t know what life is going to throw at us so we need to hope for the best but work like hell and plan for the worst. I was widowed unexpectedly at the age of 52 in 2018. My standard of living didn’t have to change because our home was paid for. So was our lake home. And vehicles. I did opt to sell and downsize but that was by choice, not necessity.

    I appreciate your telling us the hard truths because these things are not just going to take care of themselves. We need to be proactive. When our first child was born I sold my sporty car and we bought a used ugly four door car and began plowing money into savings and a college fund. We’ve put two through college and I will fund the third child’s college when he is ready with money we invested for that purpose.

    I think of it as front end loading. Hard work, frugality and discipline in our younger years allow us more financial freedom today.

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