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What I read: The Ending Winter Edition


  • January: 4
  • February: 29
  • March: 21
  • April: ??
  • May: ??
  • June:??
  • July:??
  • August: ??
  • September: ??
  • October: ??
  • November: 69 books

Part 1 = 11 Books

Part 2 = 10 Books

Part 3 = 9 Books

Part 4 = 39 Books (because they were all part of a whole series…)

  • December: 18 books

A roundup of my favourite books from the 141 list, to follow.

One of Them (Shaneel Lal)

This is one of the most painful biographies I have ever read. My heart broke into pieces multiple times as I read about his experience growing up in a society that did not accept him. His fight and struggle all the way to the end to ban conversion therapy was a bittersweet triumph, thinking of all the children who suffered in the meanwhile.

The Tale of Despereaux

Everyone loves this children’s book. I found it cute, but kind of difficult to follow, in the sense that it kept flipping back and forth. Maybe it’s one of those intellectual children’s books with deeper philosophical meanings like The Little Prince, that will take a PhD to really fully understand its meaning.

The Book Club Hotel

A fun, fluffy book to read. I cannot read anything too heavy these days, I am already heartbroken all the time. It was a fun, distracting read.

Stuck with you

Another distracting chicklit, fluffy read.

Harem (Alev)

All about the inner workings and inner sanctum of a harem. I found it fascinating to get a deep dive into one, as far as it could go, anyway. It was interesting how much politics played a part, and positioning your child to be the next in power could be a very fatal game.

Fall of Ruin and Wrath

I love Armentrout’s books, and it took me a few chapters to remember what happened from the last one. I devoured it, but wished I had read the series in order, and all at once.

Robin Paige SERIES (12 books)

Death on/at the… series

I LOVED these books. They are what they call “cosy murder mysteries”, which means less modernity, more fireside sort of murder solving, and the intricacies of how they come to the conclusion of whodunnit was really quite a nice, and pleasant meander, especially before bedtime. I found myself reading them very quickly, and enjoying the journey.

I am looking now, for other books under this genre. I cannot take anything too realistic or modern these days, my heart and brain cannot hold that kind of pain at the moment.

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