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What are some things you admire about how other women present themselves?

Everything I try to project in myself and strive to achieve is what I love in other women.

Not being self-conscious.

I love it when they aren’t fussing with their hair, makeup, or constantly fidgeting or adjusting their clothes.

It ruins an otherwise perfect outfit when I see someone constantly nervous or ill at ease in it. I just think: Wear something else!

I also would never be able to do this but I love the look of large back tattoos peaking out from a racerback with some black coated jeans and moto boots. I saw quite a few of these girls in Montreal as of late, and I think they rock it.


The closest I can come to emulating that, is wearing a tank top with some jeans and moto boots.

Currently I have everything but the moto boots.

Being comfortable.

I love it when women are comfortable and they look it and not just in their clothes, but in their skin, and it shows in their attitude.

Being confident.

I love a big smile, strong confidence and when they can make others feel at ease as if they have known them forever (without being creepy).

Some people just have that charisma and magnetism that draws others to them.

I greatly admire this and when I see someone who kills it in this department, I break apart how they do it from their hand gestures to their questions, mannerisms, etc, and I try to do the same.

The French have a great saying for this as their goal that I agree with:

Être bien dans sa peau

(To be good in your own skin)


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