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Is there an item of clothing you miss, no longer own but still wish you had back? Why? What happened to it and why do you want it back?


It sounds so stupid, but I bought a white tank top from H&M that was organic cotton for about $10 back in 2000 something. I loved it to pieces because it was the PERFECT cut that covered my bust, had wider straps as a tank top but not so wide that it was a muscle tank that would accentuate my shoulders, and had a nice V-neck cut in front that was still modest enough to wear without something underneath.

Not everyone wants to show cleavage, nor has any to show, thankyouverymuch.

It was THE. PERFECT. TANK TOP. 100% organic super soft cotton and it was opaque enough to wear as-is (unlike my All Saints tank tops which sort of fit the bill but honestly, are a little see-through especially in bright light or sunlight).

I finally had to get rid of it because the armpits were turning all yellow from sweat, and it got 2 holes in front.

I really wish I had the hindsight at that time to go and buy a HUGE stock of these perfect white tank tops when I realized how nice it was, because I have never ever found anything close to it again. I go back to H&M almost every season hoping it will appear on the rack again.

Honourable shoe mention goes to these perfect woven yellow and blue flats I bought in Singapore when I visited, and I WISH I HAD BOUGHT WAY MORE. They were so cool, comfortable, unique…

They finally ended up getting holes and shreds at the corners and I could not really wear them any more. I think I shed a tear when I finally threw them out. Right now, the object of my shoe affection are my bright pink magenta suede flats which I WEAR TO DEATH AND LOVE. I don’t want them to disappear either.

As for clothing aside from this perfect white tank top, there are others I know may not last forever:

I still have my favourite wrap dress that I put on every time I want to feel polished and professional.

I still have my favourite cotton bustier tank top with a little tie in front that I 100% plan on having re-created once it falls apart in shreds / is no longer fit to be worn.

I still have my favourite paperbag waist skirt that I ripped when hopping into a service truck when my car died in the garage, that I again, 100% plan on having re-created once it falls apart and cannot be worn.

I still have my favourite map print tanks that I wear constantly and am super careful with but have two, so the nice thing is that in case one ever gets ruined, I have another as a “backup” and constantly scour sites for this print so I can buy anything that has this print on it like a crazed maniac.


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  • Deb

    I gave away a pair of fuzzy pink pjs with owls printed on them. They were pretty ugly but dreamily soft. I had just gotten them from my mom for Christmas and every time I wore them, I felt silly/ugly around my boyfriend, but they were warm and soft and reminded me of my mom. As soon as I got home I lamented so much giving them away and can imagine how disappointed she would feel that her gift was given away so hastily. considering trying to find them at the thrift store and buying them back.

  • Mia

    I had the perfect black wool swing coat with leopard lining for probably 3 to 4 years and then it got stolen at the airport. I was flying to Colorado in winter, too, when it stolen so that was pretty inconvenient.

  • Anne

    A pink Provençal print tiered skirt. I bought it at the hypermarché Mammouth in Marseille for practically no money at all while interrailing and wore it every summer for 15 years. It was perfect: didn’t get wrinkles, didn’t fly up in the wind, was light and airy, didn’t show stains, dried quickly, allowed free movement and looked great on me. Well, pockets would’ve been great. I actually went back a couple of years later and hoped to find a similar skirt, but no luck…

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