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What are some rules about dressing you follow but you wouldn’t necessarily recommend to others?

I kind of recommend everything I do to everyone just to put it out there. If it helps or works for them, I’m happy! If not, well, I tried.

I follow a lot of rules related to my body type, for sure.

I’m an inverted triangle with broad shoulders.

Countless of women have tried to tell me I do not have broad shoulders but I can clearly see that my shoulders are wider than my hips.

I don’t hate them per se, I just dress for it because what am I going to do? I can’t make them slimmer!

So, I try very hard to avoid buying spaghetti strapped tops, I completely abhor tube tops, halter tops and anything that accentuates how wide my shoulders are.

The only minor time I bend that rule is with spaghetti straps, like when I bought this pinstriped spaghetti strapped (!!!!) bustier tie top.

I knew I could wear a blazer or jacket over it most of the time, and I loved the silhouette & ease of it so much (it’s a cotton BUSTIER…) that I had to have it.

It’s currently sold out (it was a Olivia Palermo + Chelsea 28 at Nordstrom piece) but I found a similar cotton bustier here, and here & here although without straps, it’s a tube top.

I knew I would never see a piece like this again and I have since been proven right.

Otherwise, I adhere to pretty much rules that I want to avoid seeing on other women, such as overexposure on top and on the bottom *cough*, and just general sad sloppiness.

I feel really sad when I see women who think they have nothing to style, give up completely and wear these terrible chino pants made for men, men’s shoes, with a button up shirt.


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  • chezloup

    Inverted triangle with broad shoulders is the best body shape. I would love to be like that, instead of my bloody pear shape. Nothing looks nice on me and I am of normal weight.

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