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What apps do I love to use on my phone

Note: I am in Canada, so some of these may not work for you.


  • Ecosia – Every 7 searches, plants a tree. They use the revenues from advertising to do it.
  • Newsify RSS Reader – How I read blog posts
  • Yelp – All types of reviews for stores and restaurants on the fly when I need them


  • Rakuten – I use this cashback app like CRAZY – my referral is here for you to grab $5 once you spend $25
  • Stocard – I store all of my rewards or loyalty cards here virtually. I don’t carry that ish with me. I even put my health cards in here (mine and Little Bun’s) because just showing them a picture of it without the physical card works at the ER as I discovered when he had a febrile seizure as a toddler…
  • Open Table – I book all my restaurants through this app. I don’t go out often with friends but when I do…
  • Resy – This is another restaurant booking app, if it isn’t on OpenTable, I use Resy
  • YP Dine – Another booking app. If they aren’t on these 3 THEN I book via a phone
  • Ritual – For takeout, I love this so much and get points when I use this app to pay for things or pickup
  • Starbucks – Obviously.


  • Instagram – Obviously for Instagram @saverspender
  • Echofon – My current favourite for Twitter @saverspender
  • Unfold – It is an Instagram post layout editor – I don’t use it as often lately, but I have used it in the past
  • Mojo – Another Instagram post layout editor
  • Layout – I use this often when I want to merge a few pictures together in one image – sometimes for selling (Poshmark) sometimes for blogging
  • Boomerang – To shoot 10-shot mini clips for social media
  • Image Size – iPhone upgraded and got rid of the perfect ratio for Instagram photos so I use this app to resize them.


  • Stylebook – I used to be crazy and log EVERY outfit I wore each day for 700+ days for the cost-per-wear calculation, but then as I got rid of each item (sold, donated, etc), it wouldn’t let me delete it from my closet because it was used in a previous look. So I just gave up. I still log everything I buy in here because when I am out shopping I like to know what I already own, what I paid, or sometimes what size I bought in a brand … or notes. There is a FREE version of this called My Wardrobe or something but I can’t find it. Don’t pay for this app if you can find its clone for free.
  • Poshmark – I buy 99% of my clothes here. For real. It is such a deal.
  • Layout – I use this often when I want to merge a few pictures together in one image – sometimes for selling (Poshmark) sometimes for blogging
  • Etsy – I love vintage and interesting pieces, a good shopping app to use
  • Ebay – Again, secondhand shopping
  • Kiiji – I list things for sale and buy from here


  • Canada Post – I use this app to track all my shipments incoming and outgoing – it is quite handy & has a scanner in the camera that can just beep the barcodes
  • Drop & Go – Drop off drycleaning at work in a locker, pick it up at work when it is done. SO HANDY.
  • Mind Body – This app helps you find yoga studios and gyms. LOVE IT. I buy my passes through here and book classes. They show you the schedules, everything.
  • Credit Karma – Free credit score checker. I like it but don’t need it… because I don’t borrow money.

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