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Week of Money: Where Little Bun needs specific Left + Right socks


8:08 a.m. — Little Bun puts on his socks to go out. They happen to be labeled L or R for left or right, and I don’t really care. I just put the colours together and never check of they are L or R matching.

Little Bun: OH NO! I CANNOT WEAR THESE! They are both RIGHT!!

Me: Well it’s all the same, just wear both socks even if they are right. No one really cares…

Little Bun: BUT I CARE. I want a left and a right sock.

Me: Okay.. go get another pair.

*No other pairs, they are all in the laundry*

Me: You are going to have to just suck it up and wear two Rightys then…

Little Bun: *unhappy*

Me: Next time I do laundry, you can sort it all into L + R to match them properly okay?

Little Bun: Okay.

(So later that day, I did laundry and had him sort it all)



At night, we are talking about What If scenarios like .. What if you had to choose between living in a mountain or living under the sea?

I can’t remember the question I asked him but then he responded back :

In what particular sense, Mommy?

I was floored. IN WHAT PARTICULAR SENSE? I told him most people would say – In what way? Or How so? … I asked him where he learned this, and he couldn’t remember, but he knew it enough to say it.

Guess all the reading is paying off?


10:46 a.m. — Little Bun: Don’t you think that life is like a video game? You either work really hard and do well at the start, so it becomes easier, or you don’t work hard at the start and it becomes super hard as you get older.

Retirement savings is kind of like that, Mommy! You have to save a lot at the start, like my coins in my video game, so you can buy things later, or for retirement, save money so you can retire!


I made foccaica that was terrible. I don’t think I let it rise enough, I ate it anyway.


9:24 p.m. —

Little Bun *darkening the doorway*: TODAY WAS SUCH A TERRIBLE DAY.

Me: Well it started off kind of badly yes… it wasn’t great. But it wasn’t terrible. We had a delicious pasta dinner Mommy made with shiitake mushrooms and miso right?

Little Bun: Yeah….

Me: Then we got a new magazine to read about Engineering?

Little Bun: Yeah…

Me: Then we got to hang out together and watch some Paw Patrol?

Little Bun: Yeah…

Me: Sounds like a great day to me. It started off badly, but then we turned it around.


I work the whole day. I don’t even know what day is what day any more. Weekends no longer exist for me.


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