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Unscented Korean Skincare – Cleanser and Moisturizer

I dislike perfumes and smells in all of my skincare, and it has been extremely difficult to find things that do not have fragrances, or anything added. Everything smells like something floral, or smells bad, etc.

I have been switching over from a lot of brands I am boycotting these days, and I am working my way through this list of skincare and makeup brands once I use up what I have.

I do not tend to wear very much so the first thing to get rid of, was my cream cleanser and oil cleanser from Paula’s Choice I had been using unwittingly for years. I am on my last bottles and I am surprised and angry at myself for not having tried these brands sooner!!!

Anyway, this is what I typically use on my face – it is pretty minimal!


  • Cream cleanser – my regular daily cleanser; doesn’t have to be cream but it cannot be drying
  • Oil cleanser – to use in the shower when I remove mineral sunscreen in my two step-process (cream cleanser comes after!)
  • Moisturizer – anything light, not heavy
  • Serums – I am open to trying a whole bunch of them to keep things going but I have found the best investment was simply using SylfirmX RF microneedling and Accutane to get rid of acne
  • Mineral tinted sunscreen – It is my only ‘makeup’ on my face, I no longer wear foundation unless I have an event (?)
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Bronzer – which I use as blush because I find blush too strong and bronzer looks more natural
  • Lipsticks

Note on ACNE:

I struggle with acne, and I have tried many treatments and products (medically prescribed and over the counter) over the years. Hands down, aside from also modifying my diet, it was Accutane that cured it.

Note on AGEING:

I have pretty good genes, but I also wear sunscreen as it is the #1 product that stops wrinkles, sunspots and ageing. In terms of products and treatments, SylfirmX radio frequency (RF) microneedling is the only treatment I will spend money on from now on. Everything else I have tried has been a complete waste of time and money.

I will not do anything like fillers, Botox (it is not effective in the long-term), surgeries of any kind unless medically necessary. I just feel squeamish with treatments like that, and I would rather age as naturally as possible, while actually ageing, if that makes sense.


I find a lot of their products except the ones with minimal lettering, extremely confusing. Sometimes, they are covered in words all over the place, with no clear brand name standing out, and it can be trying in a store, to find the brand people are talking about online. This is why I am giving you the visual look of the actual product so you can spot it, rather than guessing where the brand name might be on the bottle. (HadaLabo I am looking at you!)



It is quite a light cleanser, not a cream. It is a gel, and it is definitely a good cleanser that does not strip my skin (my skin does not feel dry after it has been washed). It is nice as a gel cleanser, not too thick or too watery. I will say it does not foam up like a cream cleanser (very low sudsing), so I am always wondering if I am washing enough or not, but I suppose I am.


This is even lighter than the gel cleanser. I find it is pretty good, not drying at all, and it is like spreading foam on your face. I guess it is meant to be light, but honestly, I would like something a bit thicker as it feels like I am just using foam on my face rather than an actual cleanser. I double-cleanse, so I suppose that is why it is just an extra step to be sure all my sunscreen has come off.


I have yet to try their pink ‘Speedy’ version, but I could only find this one and I hoped it was not heavily scented. It has a VERY VERY faint smell of olive oil but it does not bother me. It is not strong at all, and not perfume-y or very smelly, so I am accepting it as an unscented cleanser.

I like this one a LOT. I would say Holy Grail for me, unless I can find the Pink one and maybe that one becomes my Holy Grail. It goes on, removes all the oil off my face, and it REALLY removes makeup off my eyes without making my eyes film over or feel like it is covered in gunk at the end which is what the Paula’s Choice one did. That said, I do not wear waterproof mascara, so I cannot vouch for it, but people online say the same thing.


This is a great moisturizer. Works as promised, holy grail. Absolutely zero scent, and feels great on my skin. I also find it very moisturizing, although it is not so thick that you end up feeling like there is a layer on your skin. If you want something even thicker than this, I was told the CosRx one was good, but I know it is not unscented (I smelled the sample).


I just researched what snail mucin is, and it is when the snail excretes an essence UNDER STRESS.

This means they are deliberately traumatizing these poor snails to obtain their mucin, and making them stressed AF, so we can spread it on our face. Forget it. I do not want to be any part of this.

As for the product, it feels sticky and slimy when you spread it on, then it dries a little tacky. If I can just find niacinamide, I will buy that on its own.

As I find more products I will post!

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