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The 11 famous people you would pick to have an epic dinner with

I say 11 instead of 12 because 13 at a table is bad luck, and you are OBVIOUSLY going to attend your own fantastic dinner.

A lot of people say really great, noble names like Mother Theresa, Ghandi… but I am not that.. er.. nice.

I want to have a belly, gut-busting dinner of indulgent food and laughter.

Anyway, as far as I know, the rules are:

  • 11 people
  • Anyone who ever existed in the world (dead or alive)
  • No need to put your significant other or friends (it’s obvious they’ll be there, just probably under the table)

My choices?

They’re mostly famous people who are:

  • funny and entertaining
  • able to eat — no salad-only-for-me-please folks at my table!



  • Conan O’Brien — Reason here!
  • Natalie Portman — She’d be an awesome dinner guest if Top Chef episodes are anything to go by.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch — He is just such a GOOD actor on Sherlock, how could you not!? Also a brilliant guy.
  • Jennifer Lawrence — C’mon.. how can you leave her out?
  • Nathan Fillion — Again, fantastic actor on Castle.
  • Tina Fey — TINA FEY!!
  • Louis C.K. — GREAT comedian. He’s really my kind of humour, but sometimes he can be a bit too crass.
  • Mindy Kaling — When I watch her show The Mindy Project, I feel like she’s actually like that in real life.. which is nice
  • Anthony Bourdain — Honest and witty. Plus he’d really appreciate the food that would come out of the kitchen catered by someone like Thomas Keller or Heston Blumenthal.
  • Amy Poehler — AMY POEHLER!!
  • Larry David — For me, he’s the brain behind Seinfeld and I LOVE his show Curb your Enthusiasm



  • The Asian Pear

    I’d choose a mix of different people from different walks of life for my table. Some funny, some interesting… But all of them I know are charismatic and nice people with interesting lives and stories to share:

    Jan Wong – Globe and Mail international writer
    Graham Norton – British talk show host
    Wil Wheaton – actor and geek, most commonly known as his role as Wesley Crusher
    Alton Brown – celebrity chef with tons of knowledge
    Pierre Trudeau – former Prime Minister of Canada
    Ellen DeGeneres – comedian, TV Host, actor and just generally a really nice person
    John Green – writer and YouTube personality
    Jennifer Lawrence – great actress and just so down to earth
    Amy Schumer – hilarious comedian and best friends with Jennifer Lawrence so they’d be a great dynamic
    Neil Patrick Harris – actor and just a really fantastic guy with tons of different talents, also a magician! BONUS!
    Oprah Winfrey – TV host, humanitarian, one of the most influential women ever

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