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I would be lost without…

I was thinking the other day all the things that I rely on immensely to get me through my life, even my day.

I’d truly be lost (or really, just unhappier) without the following:

Electronic: iPod Touch

This is my personal digital assistant. Without it, I am hooped.

Sure, I could have put my main laptop in here (Macbook Pro 17″) because I do use it quite often, but when push comes to shove and I have to leave my laptop at home, the one device I absolutely NEVER forget to pack, is my iPod Touch.

I can live without my personal laptops if I had to, but I can’t do without my iPod Touch to keep my life organized, full of reminders and appointments as well as hints to passwords I keep changing every 6 months.

iTunes App: AwesomeNotes

See above. Without this app, the iPod Touch is useless for me.

Update: I use the ToDo app.

PLEASE be careful as a commenter noted below to buy the actual app and not the Todo CLOUD version which makes you pay a fee monthly or yearly.

Clothing: $30 Grey Thrifted Cashmere Sweater

It goes without saying that this is far more useful in the Autumn and Winter months than it is during summer (although I will admit to having pulled it out a number of times during chilly nights).

It only cost $30, and it’s a men’s cashmere sweater of all things, which means it is absolutely enormous on me (the tag actually says XXXL but I think they shrunk it which is why they had to get rid of it), but when I put it on, it’s like getting a hug from someone. It keeps me warm, doesn’t bother about shape and only focuses on sweet, warm, function.

Close runner up? This stunning Vince circle sweater, which has now become my favourite thing to wear:


Accessory: Studded silver rings


My accessories are really my jewels even if they don’t cost thousands of dollars. They aren’t precious gems, and I only own one real pearl necklace gifted to me by my godmother upon her death.

I was thinking the other day that if I had to get rid of every single item in my accessory wardrobe except for one area or category, it would be my studded silver rings that would stay.

Of course, I’d be crying a blue streak watching all my beloved “jewels” disappear but if I could just keep those studded silver rings, I’d be able to accessorize ANY outfit with them.

Food: Seafood

I am all right with fishing, bonking fish, gutting them, scaling and killing them to eat, more so than I am comfortable with trying to wrestle a cow down to the ground to slit its throat.


Seafood is the one are where I like everything in it. From eel to sea urchins to fishes of all kind and my favourite of all being prawns (or shrimp!), all seafood needs is a bit of salt and it’s delicious as is.

Drink: Starbucks Green Tea Latte

I have tried with no success whatsoever in re-creating this drink.

I bought matcha green tea powder, tried to mix it with hot soy milk I boiled over the stove, and it ended up a hot disaster. I don’t know what it is they they do at Starbucks but it comes out perfect when they froth it to make it steamy and hot, with a slight hint of sweetness underneath from the soy milk without being cloying.

It is the perfect drink to me.

Personal Finance Habit: Budgeting

The ancestor to this blog’s final name was The Budgeting Tool, so I think it goes without saying how much I truly enjoy tracking my expenses, setting (loose, VERY loose) budgets, and watching my net worth rise and fall (more rise than fall, one might hope).

Beauty: Eyeliner

Vain but true. I could give up everything in makeup but my eyeliner.

It is the one thing that makes me look awake and alive, with under eye concealer coming in close second, followed by mascara.

No fancy colours required either, just a dark, velvety brown does it, even though people tell me I should really wear deep violet eyeliner to bring out my brown eyes, I am still a sucker for brown in varying shades.

Book: Atlas Shrugged

Aside from what others might think of Ayn Rand and her philosophy itself, there was no other book (not even written by Rand) that really spoke to me the way Atlas Shrugged did.

The detail in the book, the words used by Rand, and the journey of Dagny Taggart up and down the rabbit hole really made an impact on me.

I just thoroughly enjoyed it, on a superficial and somewhat deeper level, although I don’t necessarily subscribe 100% to what the author believes as a philosophy.

Close runner-up is The Millionaire Next Door.



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