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The 10 Essential Documents You Should Have. Part Three. Prenup, Life Insurance.

The 10 Essential Documents:

These are now things you should have but only in specific situations.


If I ever marry, I will get one. I am going to clearly say in there, that everything goes to Little Bun, rather than defaulting to my new husband (let’s say it is not my partner), who then may end up marrying someone else later and have children with them, then all the money from my estate would go to the new wife and child(ren) (if let’s say he ALSO kicked the bucket), and not to Little Bun, who was my actual child to begin with.

A prenup says and states clearly who gets the money and in what capacity. For me, I’d give all the money to my partner, to be given to Little Bun specifically.

It gets messy. Be clear in a prenup who gets what in terms of assets, otherwise, in a marriage, you may also have inheritances from your parents that you should keep as your own assets, rather than to transfer into the communal married money pot.

Life Insurance

This is necessary for if you have any dependents and/or do not have enough independent assets for them to live on after your death. Like if you have dependents, but you have an outstanding mortgage, debts, or simply not enough to cover their living and schooling, even maybe have enough money for a down payment on a home until they are ready to adult.

It pays out a lump sum financial support for your dependents, and covers all sorts of expenses depending on which policy you take.

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