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Sunday Shopping: The cheaper & better low-cost dupe for the Prada Saffiano Satchel Tote

I recently received the Prada Saffiano satchel by accident (I was really trying to get the large YSL Sac de Jour shown below)…

…and I was so surprised at how…. similar it was to a tote I already own – the Dagne Dover Tote in terms of feel, quality, etc.

I mean it was leather but it felt like coated canvas, which is what the Dagne Dover is.

It costs about $2890 USD or about $4000 CAD:

So here is the Prada Galleria tote in Saffiano leather I got by accident via Poshmark authentication (very durable):

It was well proportioned. It was a nice size – not too big, not too small (I find the YSL Large Sac de Jour above a tiny bit too big for daily errands but perfect for work).

I like that the handles flipped down (it is annoying trying to store a bag with handles sticking up), and it was organized inside with compartments inside, and it had an inner compartment that looked like this:

It is quite roomy, lots of space to put things, a zippered area for your wallet and keys so they don’t get nicked, and it is a very practical bag.

But luxe? I wouldn’t pay $4000 for this, sorry. Not even used, for $2000.

FOR WAY less, but I don’t love that the handles don’t fold down nicely the way the Prada does, I’d recommend the Dagne Dover Legend Tote in Coated Canvas for a very reasonably priced $245 – $265 USD.

This is not the exact Legend tote (it’s another one I bought called the Midi Tote which they no longer sell), but you can see the coated canvas looks just like the Saffiano leather, and frankly, feels the same:

If we are looking at the tote itself, I own it also in a Stingray leather shown here and it is a FANTASTIC tote:


And holds a ton more. It’s organized AF — look how much I can cram in there – a 13″ Macbook Air, Headphones, two folders, a waterbottle and it had room to spare honestly.

If you’re interested: Full review of the Dagne Dover Totes here amongst all the other totes. I owned 4 of them at one point but then gave one away and sold another:

Frankly, given either tote for $0, (and if I couldn’t resell the Prada tote for money), I’d choose the Dagne Dover hands down, and I am PICKY about designer items. *shrug*


UPDATE: The Dagne Dover new tote handles, DO flip down!


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