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Wanderlust Shopping: Style, Travel, Maps and More..

I have a slight obsession with traveling and maps, so I scoured the web to come up with pieces I LOVE that related to traveling, and the essentials I’d buy to go on a trip with.

  • Necklaces/Earrings/Clothing: Can’t go wrong with map or travel-theme related accessories, now can we!? How CUTE are those earrings and necklaces with the map or world on them?
  • Teal Paris Travel-worthy dress: It is chic, it is pretty and it travels well in a gorgeous jersey
  • Heart Sweater: I love the cute touch of the hearts on the elbows!
  • Sunglasses: Polarized in a cockpit style is the best and most flattering shape for most faces. I tried the classic aviators and they were just too long
  • Map┬áPrints: OK so maybe these map prints are not exactly useful for when you’re actually traveling, but they sure do inspire some wanderlust…
  • Flats: These are very light and foldable.
  • Travel Pouches: Who doesn’t love a great, pretty travel pouch to keep shoes or your toiletries in?
  • Cashmere travel wrap & Socks: For when your feet get cold on the plane and you need a cosy blanket to wrap up in (airplane blankets are gross..) not to mention using it as a scarf when you’re in the country itself.

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