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“how do u talk a man to get rid o crap in basement”

…is probably the funniest blog search term I have seen in a long time to get to my posts on minimalism.

Thank you, anonymous reader.

I really enjoyed that laugh. 😉


This is Real Life Style – My most worn #OOTD

I don’t know how fashion bloggers wear such fancy, pretty things to hang out at home because I am in this, y’all. It is my MOST WORN OUTFIT EVER.

I wear the SAME THING every day at home during Autumn and Winter.

I love that thrifted $20 men’s cashmere sweater to death, that has shrunk over the years to be a little too short now (*SOB* I need to thrift a new one), the leggings are HUE leggings that are comfortable with a wide band and reasonably cheap enough to ruin the knees in (from changing Baby Bun’s diaper so often), and some wool hiking socks for my cold toes (sometimes I double up for extra warmth).

I own 7 of those leggings and 8 pairs of those socks and I do laundry weekly.

Only the tee-shirt changes underneath from day to day.

More books you (I mean I) have to buy in print

I don’t know what it is about my finding books in print that do not do well in ebook format, but these two, have completely captured my heart.

I read them online already (obviously), but now I am considering shelling out money for them in print, because they’re that good:

If you like pandas (who doesn’t?), philosophy for the everyday person (yep right here), and beautifully illustrated books, you’ll love these two above as well. There are other ones by the same author & illustrator, but these two are my favourites.

It’s a bunch of zen, thoughtful, philosophical anecdotes presented in a very beautiful, easy-to-understand manner for everyone of all ages.

It would be a great book to read to children to get them to understand that life is not so black and white. If I had these as a kid, maybe I’d have been a little different.

A lot of the stories in there, remind me of the manga series I used to read (and still do!) called Usagi Yojimbo and I can tell you that those graphic novels changed my young life and shaped the way I saw the world.

They’re good books that are fun and easy to read, and I’m definitely going to encourage Baby Bun to read them as he gets older.


I giggled the other day when a friend emailed me proofs of her little girl’s shots from her first grade. I told her that my father was so cheap, he would take a picture of the school proof picture, and the reprint it.


It never turned out as nicely of course, there was a weird glare, strange lettering but when you’re cheap (NOT  FRUGAL), you’re cheap to the core.


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