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So I have been thinking. I want to be sure that I am doing stuff that’s interesting enough for everyone, but not to burn myself out.

As you may or may not have known, I used to have a lot of blogs. About 3. Then I got rid of one, and had two major blogs that were kind of popular (think triple the size of this one).

I burned out.

Essentially, I ran out of time to blog and felt a lot of pressure (internal of course) to do more and better, and go professional, write a book (got 2 reach-outs for a book), start a TV show (got a call from two producers to do a show).. and I just shied away.

I am not into publicity or fame, and I don’t want to be famous or recognized at all, anywhere, but I do want to do the best I can with the limits I have placed on myself to stay sane: Anonymity.


I don’t want to burn out again. I want to keep this site but keep my life.

However, I do want to give readers what they want, and that’s why I’m asking for your help now.

Due to popular requests, I am now knocking around these ideas:


Recipes. I have been asked at least 5 times for different recipes. I have been meaning to do this but I have yet to get around to it.

I am not sure if I will be able to do this, but if I did it, what kind of recipes would you want? Vegetarian? Vegan? General easy stuff?


I am definitely able to maybe start a Friday Feature where I re-post my outfits from Instagram & making short notes / talking about it and maybe putting prices to what it all cost.

Kind of like in this post here but less fancy, something more like this:

Can’t believe this is a #maternity dress .. It is a #thrifted #ootd #style. Cost: $40 total ($30 necklace and $10 dress)

A photo posted by Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge. (@saverspender) on

  • Maxi dress: [Thrifted] Old Navy – $10
  • Necklace: [Retail] Independent designer – $30

Any interest in something like this?


Any other requests or ideas? I will review and go through all of them and see what I can do with the lowest impact to my workload and maximum benefit to all!

Let me know. I’d really appreciate it.

Also, let me know the bad stuff too. I’m open to helpful criticism.


Look!! Finally. You can shop Handmade items…

I’m going to give it a whirl and let you know.


These are meant for children, but my goodness they’re just as funny for adults. I’m watching them until Baby Bun is old enough to appreciate the videos, and we can watch them together.

They are HILARIOUS and so well done.

There’s quite a lot of them, but not all 51 episodes, I could only find 23 episodes translated into English.

Fantastic set of videos for everyone to watch. The little girl reminds me of a few toddlers I know, but thankfully not Baby Bun (he’s quiet and more of an onlooker who loves to help).

This other one: Little Cousin is my other favourite video. I watched it the other day and laughed.



  • Jen

    Sherry, just blog about anything you are interested in. That is why your blog has such character :). BTW, I like everything you write, especially your opinions!!

  • Jess

    Please stick around 🙂 I was so sad when you left your first three blogs.

    Just from these comments alone, it’s apparent how diverse your readers are. I know I personally enjoy certain posts more than others simply because they are more relevant to me.
    I’m a little concerned the theme here will get too diverse too… I know you want to give readers what they want, but at the same time there are plenty of websites dedicated to quick/simple/vegan/etc recipes, and plenty of fashion blogs as well. Whatever you do, I hope you continually bring the focus back to your “Wealth focused, style obsessed, minimalist” tagline. For example if you do recipes, discuss how they are related to wealth building or minimalism e.g.
    – If you invest in good quality ingredients, then why e.g. value health more than money, health care costs over long term > grocery savings and references to stuff like Forks over Knives on why you choose to eat that way
    – Do you buy bulk foods to save $/kg or do you buy just enough for the meal you are preparing to avoid food waste
    – Ingredients and where you make exceptions or where you don’t for substitutions/leaving out due to cost
    – If you have a minimalist kitchen and what are your primary tools

    I do love your opinion posts on society, topical issues or general concepts…. posts like “Whoever has the money, has the power”, “Couch surfing is not minimalism”, “Why and how should women dress to avoid unwanted attention”, “In defence of Apple products” etc… I prefer these pieces because your personality and values and train of thought show through, rather than informative “how to” pieces.

    On another note – are you still posting on FB and EM?! Out of curiosity I just had a quick glance at the latest posts on those websites, and some of the posts are authored by “FB” and in your writing style, and the “About” stories behind those blogs are still very much your stories… do any readers of those blogs realise that those stories are no longer updated?


      Thank you very much for your input. I have been thinking about it quite deeply in the past week or so and I will keep writing what I want, and try to add my own twist to it.

      I do not know if my old readers know I no longer blog there, but if they want to find me, they can. 🙂 I did a short post about where I moved.


    Haha thanks. I am a unicorn I guess. I don’t want to be recognized. Seems terrible to have people know you by face & judge you.

    I will definitely keep recipes in mind.. it seems very popular 🙂

  • Shenanigans

    I read your blog from work, and I can’t see any of the Instagram photos in your posts since social media is blocked here. Is there another way to link the photos? Since I suspect I’m in the minority, I don’t really expect you to change how you post, I guess it’s more of an FYI. 🙂


      No 🙁 I would have to save the images and then upload them manually but I was trying to avoid that to save server space because I don’t want to start having to pay for image storage as well. I’m already 50% full..

  • Cassie

    Generally speaking I’m pretty happy with your content, and I’d be happy to read either of the suggestions you made up top. I’ve been playing around more with vegan recipes lately (mostly from Oh She Glows), so I’d love to see what you’re making at home as well. Mostly I’m looking for vegetable heavy recipes that are easy to whip up while looking after a little one. I’d love to see more recaps on the quality of the clothing you purchase, especially with online purchases. I’ve been mulling over trying out some items from Cuyana, and so far yours is the only decent review I’ve seen. I’m also looking more at clothing that is made in Canada, so if you find home grown brands that you love, I’d be curious to read about them as well.


      OK 🙂 I am on it!

      Cuyana is a good brand but a hit and miss. Their colours online are misleading.. That was the only qualm I had about their products, aside from the fact that it then costs $$$ to import.

      All duly noted. Thank you!

  • Lynne

    I eat mostly plant based, so always like a good vegan recipe. I enjoy your clothes/outfits posts, especially as relates to a capsule wardrobe. Love your posts on finance, they often make me reconsider assumptions I hold. Posts about minimalism always good. I’m a voracious reader, so maybe a few more book reviews? Finance, fashion, minimalism, even a good novel now and again. I am in the U.S., so I find it interesting when you reference different things about life in Canada. Even though we are neighbors, there ARE cultural and societal differences, and I always find the contrasts fascinating. 🙂

  • chezloup

    I was one of those who requested recipes. Would love to make some of your quick and nutritious meals.

    Through the years I have learned a lot from you and I would love it if you continued posting about your life lessons, aha moments, epiphanies, etc. It could be anything from simple realizations and learnings to big life changing discoveries. For example, I liked how you talked about your relationship with your partner and what you learned (e.g. from books, experiences). Because I also then read those books and improved.

    I think that your readers could learn and grow from all your experiences, not only the financial ones.

    Lastly, I appreciate that you don’t always focus on parenting/kid topics and hope you continue that way. Being child-free, my interests lie in other areas.


      Life lessons eh? I had a few this week I was thinking about not sharing but in the end will…

      I do try to keep Baby Bun to a minimum on the blog. I am not a mommy blogger and that is not 100% of who I am.

      Thank you!

  • Elisa

    I always love your outfit/style posts regardless of their length. You have great style as evidenced by the fotos, and your discussions about quality have been most helpful to me, particularly in the context of specific manufacturers. Your latest posts re thrifting have opened up possibilities I had never considered.

    Also, despite the fact that I am now retired (in my early 70s) and financially comfortable, I also love reading your posts regarding financial issues. You are a wise young lady, and I often find that there is much I still can learn through your writings. I will continue to read your posts regardless of the direction you determine is best for you at this time in your life!


      That is really very inspiring to hear. Thank you very much for the kind words. Early 70s!!! 🙂 I’m so pleased right now to have such experienced readers telling ME that I’m wise.

      Thank you!

  • raluca

    I would love some vegetarian/quick recipes, if you have some.

  • Anne

    I think you’ve done some posts on quality of clothing/shoes you’ve bought. Although not all the brands that you have in Canada are available here in the Nordic countries, I think it would be interesting to read your reviews.


      Okay. You mean the long long reviews or the What I bought roundups??

      • Anne

        I think it is interesting to read about the quality of materials, if the garment/shoe is well made, how it wears, if it was true to size, if it was worth the money, if there were difficulties when shopping online or making a complaint.
        We seem to have same preference for natural materials and same view on where to spend (I too have tailored thrifted pieces, but happily pay bigger sums for new things that can’t be found second hand), so your opinion would be useful for me – and certainly others.
        It is always a disappointment when you buy an item of a well known brand that looks well made and of seemingly good material, but then falls apart after a short while. Or when you get a defective item and the supplier does not take care of the change/return/reparation in a good way. When you google for reviews, it takes some time to evaluate if it is a reliable source. I have followed you for quite a while now and trust your judgement. And I like your style 😊

  • Finance Solver

    I would not want you to burn out either, if I could know a recipe, it would be anything that’s simple to make (within 30 minutes of making). However, I know that may not be mainstream (I’m a terrible cook who just ventured out into cooking) but if I could have a say, it would be that!

  • Adina

    My kids both love Masha, and my daughter will happily watch the Russian language videos. Mind you, she also loves watching toy unboxing videos in Russian (and all sorts of other languages), so …

    I love when you talk about clothes — outfits, shopping, etc. Those and your monthly round-ups are my faves. Oh, and I love your rants too 😉

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