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Buyers have turned me off completely.

If I sell again on eBay it will only be to Canadians and NON-U.S. countries. I’ll refuse to ship to Americans.

Having lived in the U.S., I can tell you that you are all spoiled by cheap & fast shipping.

I had a major shopping culture shock when I moved back to Canada.

You have come to expect that shipping from a FOREIGN COUNTRY (yes Canada is a FOREIGN COUNTRY) will cost the same amount of money or less, ship in 2 business days and come with a tracking number.



People in foreign countries like Canada, Australia, and so on, actually have to WAIT. Sometimes 6 weeks for something to arrive. Sometimes for 2 months!

You know why? Because we don’t have a heavily subsidized postal service that is not self-sustainable or profitable if you took away government help.

Just sayin’.

I’m not saying Canada is perfect either with their postal system (we are slowly improving I think), but we have to wait for FOREIGN packages to arrive. Domestic stuff seems to as of late, ship quicker and for cheaper. I’m quite surprised & pleased about that.


/rant over


I am known and appreciated amongst my friends for being straight to the point & realistic. I don’t sugarcoat things in the sense that I give false hope. I am not mean (I think), and I am not rude, but I am honest in a polite way that says:

No, those leggings are too sheer and inappropriate for you to wear in public in bright light, I can see everything, honey.

So when my friend messaged me that she was pregnant, this was our conversation snippet after the usual congratulations & squee’ing.

Then she wrote about how bad she felt and selfish she seemed to not be THAT overjoyed by being pregnant…


Can’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Here’s my birth story, and it’s a doozy, but nothing compared to some other mothers’.


I complain a lot about Baby Bun, but the one thing I can say that I am very very happy and pleased about is how good his appetite is.

Having a nephew who is so darn picky and refuses to eat anything that isn’t refined beyond belief, I can understand the plight of parents everywhere pulling their hair out because their child refuses to eat anything but bread and milk.

I also have another niece who LOVES TO EAT… but unfortunately avoids all vegetables but tomatoes and cucumbers.

So, I am lucky and happy that Baby Bun even now well into toddlerdom, enjoys trying new foods.

He eats mostly vegetarian. I’d say his food makeup is 5% meat, 5% refined stuff (white breads mostly), and the rest is fruits and vegetables.

Considering my friend the other day that had eyes that jumped out of her head because Baby Bun was eating a vegetable stew made out of carrots, turnips, cabbage, celery, mixed with quinoa, some white beans cooked in a tomato sauce, with a good dollop of red Thai curry paste (not very spicy) which was lemongrass, shallots, garlic, red chili and ginger, she was impressed.

Her nieces & nephews eat only bread and milk, or junk food.

I guess part of it is that we don’t keep junk in the house (unless it’s hidden for adult use in times of emergency), and we cook or bake everything.

We rarely eat sweets (it’s a treat), and eat animal protein only 3 meals week on average.

He does not say no to any first bite, he tries everything once and may or may not spit it out and reject it based on texture or taste, but at least he tries it once, sometimes twice.

It is good enough for me.

His favourite food is duck confit, Camembert cheese or foie gras.


Honestly. I was asked time and time again about the $100 bill I had to use and break, whether or not it came directly from a bank.

If I were a counterfeiter, I’d do $20 bills, not $100 ones. Those ones are under more scrutiny than $20 or $10 bills, which don’t really get looked at.


I see about 75% of people struggle with this and it always makes me quietly amused because I see them bring knives, struggle and try to otherwise keep their banana intact but end up smooshing it with vigorous squeezing and grunting noises.

All for nothing.

You should peel the banana from the top of it (not the handle side), and hold the stem like a handle. Your hands keep clean and theres zero struggling.

Like a monkey.

They’re smarter than we are.


.. I know it sounds weird but every time I drink water, I think of the water going through my body and to the ends of my nerves, into every area like a big set of strong jungle roots, replenishing all of the dry stores and soaking everything in life-giving water.

Someone once told me a rainforest is a lot like my lungs, and maybe that’s why I am imagining this each time I drink water, and particularly when I am thirsty.

Yes. I’m weird.


  • Taylor Lee @ Yuppie Millennial

    USPS is actually largely self-sustaining. But you guys have real maternity leave though so I still think y’all are winning.

  • Ramona @ Personal Finance Today

    He he, husband eats bananas from the ‘wrong’ side and is, of course, convinces he’s doing it right 😀

  • Corianne

    So spoiled – yes!

    Packages arrive pretty quickly within neighbouring countries in Europe, at least from the Netherlands to Belgium (single market, no customs, free movement of goods/people and so on). Sometimes I order something from a Dutch webshop, to have it delivered in Belgium and it will arrive the next day or maybe the day after. From other countries (Germany/UK for example) I’d say I expect it to come in like 2-4 days, maybe a little longer if it’s an independent webshop/seller. From the other side of the Atlantic ocean? Ehm, within 2 weeks? Kind of depends on whether customs are keeping your package hostage 😛 (I once ordered something from US and according to the tracking it arrived within 2 days in the Netherlands, and then it spent 2 weeks at the airport customs center…)

    Your own snail mail on the other hand… my mom send me a card from the Netherlands to Brussels – 2 hour drive, 5 days in the mail… (!!!)

  • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    You’re weird but we love you anyway 😉

    We are VERY lucky that our kids mostly try everything. It doesn’t always stay in the mouth but at least they’re willing to try it so far. I have a friend whose kid eats nothing but noodles. Nothing she can do or say gets that kid to even come near trying any other food. And she’s got other kids so she just doesn’t bother wasting her time trying to force food down his throat. He’ll live ;D


      HAHA Good to know. Weirdness attracts the good ones.

      Yes, I am super lucky Baby Bun is adventurous. I don’t make a face or anything when he tries it and rejects it, I just say: OK next time.

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