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My Hobo Travel Persona

When I travel I look and act NOTHING like myself back home. #TrueStory

I’m in a Tilley Hat, Birkenstocks, long sleeved pants and shirts and completely focused on carrying as little as possible and staying as cool and as tan-free as I can. No makeup, basic skincare and grooming.

I’m probably 180 degrees from what I look like when I’m on my home turf, where I wear makeup daily (now), and dress up in very pretty outfits.


I guess it is because I just don’t really care. I mean I do in the sense that I represent myself well, but not at the sacrifice of being uncomfortable, sunburned, bug bitten and sweaty.

I’m here to visit the country for myself and enjoy it, not to put on a persona to influence or impress anyone the way I would have to where I live to get better service, and they’ve already pegged me as a tourist so why pretend?

I’m super comfortable as an outsider and as long as I don’t come back sunburned, with sun spots and with blisters, it is considered a successful trip.

I also tend to have to walk a lot and take the bus which means impractical wear like flouncy sundresses and cute sandals are OUT. I need durable wear that will take me on 16-hour treks.

Although with Baby Bun the focus is now more on making sure he stays cool and out of the way of zooming cars, and I need go be presentable when I’m bending down for him on any terrain.

Looking nice is secondary as I don’t know the terrain, public transportation and time of the day for the best activity.

If I lived where I visited however, I may look nicer as I would have my own items and would only do short jaunts out on occasion rather than 16-hours a day.

Are you dressed differently when you travel?


  • Jeannie

    I tend to be the opposite. I’m usually better dressed when traveling than when I’m working. That being said, my work attire consist of sneakers and scrubs, so any chance I get to wear my fun clothes I try to. I always travel with comfortable shoes though, usually my sketchers go walk because they’re lightweight.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Ah I see, sneakers and scrubs = you dress up more when you’re out. I’m the total opposite. People could come here and visit me and do a double-take. I look NOTHING like when I travel, total opposite.

  • liteadventurer

    I have certain clothes that I pretty much only wear when I’m traveling – all quick dry stuff except for maybe a pair of jeans. Overall though the style is pretty similar to what I wear when I’m not at work. I’m not really a flashy person and like to be comfortable and blend in, but it’s definitely easier for a guy to do this in daily life.

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