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Money Talk: What do you wish you knew more about, money-wise?

…… I am racking my brain right now because I cannot think of a thing.

Sure, I don’t know anything about HIGH finance like butterfly options (got that one from reading Sophie Kinsella’s books LOL), but I don’t need to know anything about them.

I only need to know the basics to get me through my life and to make sure I stay on track money-wise and crush it.

It is pretty simple stuff that everyone can learn:

That’s it.

What about you?

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  • Xin

    Easy question for me to answer: It’d definitely be tax law, both how to file my (fairly simple, all things considered, just my salary, a little bit of side income, and no special deductions) personal income tax without relying on glitchy software and also how to strategize and minimize tax liability later on as my financial life gets more complicated (if we buy a home, have kids, etc.). It may be that we end up needing to rely on an accountant instead, being a lawyer definitely doesn’t help with these things.

  • JCT

    When to walk away from a high paying job – what savings metrics to have, things to plan in advance. Only coincidence that I say this knowing you have a possible job change coming up, my own work has gone from great to miserable since the beginning of the year with no light at the end of the tunnel. Super torn on how soon to consider making a move vs hoping things get better.

    On a more money related note, when to break a CD because interest rates have risen (I’m looking at you, 5 year Ally CD at 2.5%).

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