Save. Spend. Splurge.

Money isn’t the answer to everything

Yes, I know.

For instance, you might think that if you won the lottery, you would have all of your debts and your problems solved, and you’d never have to worry another day in your life.

In fact, 1 in 3 Americans think that winning the lottery is the ONLY way to be financially secure.


Well, the chances of you winning the lottery are 18 million to 1, or even up to 120 million to 1.

Let me write it out in numbers for you:

18,000,000 : 1

120,000,000 : 1

Your chances are very, very low.

That said, I was once told by a statistician, that playing once or twice a year gives you the best probability of winning the lottery than playing consistently. He buys a few tickets every year 🙂

 Money won’t solve your existing problems

Had marriage problems before winning the lottery?

Guess what? After the honeymoon period ends, you will STILL have marriage problems, although now they might be compounded by a few hundred million.

 Money won’t raise your kids

Sure, you would be able to pay for that private school education, tutors and give Jim and Jane the best of the best with money, but will it teach them the right values?

By the right values, I am talking about developing discipline, having a strong work ethic and basically learning how to be independent so you can be on your own.

With a lot of money out of the blue, they just might feel as though they don’t really need to work hard! What’s the point? They’re RICH.

 Money still has to be managed

If you think having millions in the bank account will be any different from having hundreds, you’re dead wrong.

You will now have to worry about making sure your fortune doesn’t disappear, and you will STILL have to keep a (loose) budget and track of your expenses in general.

Yeah, you can pay someone for all of that, but at least once a month, if not once a year, you’ll need to review what you spent, what you made, where the money is going, where it’s being kept, and who’s handling all of that.

It becomes a lot more work, and you’ll have to also make sure your money handlers aren’t skimming you on the side.

 Money will now be a reason for suspicion

Ever notice how someone who is flush from payday gets treated better at the bar when he drinks with his broke buddies?


Guess who will come knocking on your door? All the charity cases, pleas for just a little cash, and relatives you never knew existed.

If you’re single, you end up meeting someone wonderful, but if she/he knows you’re rich, you might wonder if they’re just after you for the money rather than for who you are.

 Money is great, but it isn’t really the solution to everything

Having more money than none is always preferable, but there are things you simply cannot buy with money.

I prefer having had my own situation.

I learned that I couldn’t rely on anyone, not even my parents (I paid for my own tuition and moved out early).

I learned how to be independent and self-sufficient (knowing how to cook and do laundry seems to be a skill some college kids haven’t mastered).

I learned how to manage my money on my own.

I learned that working hard, and being persistent will trump having the best education money can buy, or being the smartest kid in class.

Money is a necessity and all you can think about when you’re living in true poverty (no food to eat for instance), but once you reach a comfortable level where you can eat and save a little money, nothing really fundamentally changes.

You just have more and nicer stuff.

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