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Many people want to be comfortable or confident, what does that mean to you?

Comfortable and confident are one and the same to me.

You can’t have one without the other.


Both to me, mean:

  • Being and feeling relaxed, at ease, and calm
  • Not fussing with your clothes, hair or makeup
  • Strong-minded and determined
  • Sure of yourself in who you are no matter what you think people are saying or have said
  • ..and even if you aren’t sure of yourself or your decisions all the time, you’re sure of who you are deep down inside and can project that, whether you feel it or not
  • In a happy, cheerful, optimistic state of mind (it really changes your outlook on everything)


The entire series can be found here: Women in Clothes Style & Fashion Survey


  • SarahN

    I reckon I’m mostly both – and when I’m not, I really look at why – is it the fear of learning (ie failing) or is it my ethics and values…? Or is it something I can ignore (like functionanires and their paperwork demands, which they inevitably forget!)

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