Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where we could be holograms in the future, wearing muskox cashmere….


Haha.. anyone remember that movie? It was such a big deal when it came out. Anyway, turns out, we could not be that far off for advanced technologies because workplace holograms could replace Zoom calls. WORKPLACE HOLOGRAMS, PEOPLE.


These mini snack or chip bag resealers are a smart way to well.. snack, and save the snack for later, while still retaining its crispy-freshness. I always find that resealing bags are a pain because you do need a heat seal on them, and the strips that they use to help keep the snack fresh, are never really that great.


Please do take the time to consider signing this petition to the House of Commons in Canada to amend the Criminal Code Act, concerning violence against an intimate partner. It isn’t just women who are affected here, every year 30 children are killed because of violent parents. I know it takes 5 minutes to sign up for an e-petition account, but they only have 3000 signatures and need 10,000. How can this be such a low priority for people? It’s FREE.


These portable bottle humidifiers are perfect for wintry or dry months. You stick them into the glass of water and let it do its thing to turn the water into humid air, in a portable and minimalist fashion, instead of having a bulky device. It is also rechargeable! My skin has completely dried out this winter, and I will seriously look into one for the next winter.


Okay, so Cashmere is named as such because it comes from the goats of Kashmiri, hence “cashmere”… or as Sex and the City once said: “Cashmere is so expeneisve, maybe that’s why they call it ‘CASHmere’.”. Not all cashmere is great, some of it is scratchy or thin (especially in cheaper brands) and these goats can only yield so much every year. At any rate, maybe muskox is the better version of this, as apparently it’s softer and thicker than cashmere, but equally as light! I’d be interested to see what it feels like on the body, as I will admit, I am someone who wears a lot of wool and cashmere up here in wintry months. Wearing thick wool is warm-ish, but it is also quite heavy on the body.


I saw this and squee-ed. It’s the Periodic Elements table in acrylic with miniature samples of each element (within reason)!!! It would be such a cool, geeky product, made by Engineered Labs in the USA (the other versions you see for much cheaper are fakes). I think it would be great for Little Bun, but mostly, I’d buy it for myself.

They even have other cool things like a Titanium Specimen from the Blackbird Spy Plane’s tail, or the Heritage Periodic Table of Elements where it has little pieces of history embedded.


This woman is incredible – Maya Portorreal – started her business after leaving her $45,000 a year job, and now makes $350K a year making jewellery. I can completely appreciate her determination, drive and sheer hustle because starting a small business and growing it the way she did, did not happen overnight. There is so much that goes into a small business that it exhausts me. You have to think of not only profits, but sourcing supplies, making the items, then shipping, customer service, after service… it becomes a lot. It is why when I see a well-run small business, I think – wow they’ve rocked it.


A 6-speed cordless whisk makes a lot of sense. Honestly, I am a huge fan of wireless products, having now been addicted to not having a cable tether me to anything, not even headphones, let alone a vacuum. So this cordless whisk, would make life a lot easier if you could use it anywhere around in the kitchen, and not have to be near an outlet.

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