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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: The Favourite Designer Handbag Collection

1. Lust

(FYI — The post doesn’t say much, or have more photos, unfortunately. This is the only shot worth looking at and now I sort of want a Fendi Peekaboo.)

I am … in love with Kat’s closet. I think her purse collection is out of this world, and I am now coveting at least half of what she has there. Her post has a full list.

2. On a flat note

These gorgeous, GORGEOUS leather Natalie flats are perfection. I want them in dark brown, printed blue and magenta suede. If you use my referral link you’ll get $50 as a credit towards them. I have all 3 pairs in my cart right now, debating a “SHIP NOW”. That bow is a bow without being a “BOW”… there is cushioning… *hearts in eyes*

3. Virtually

How to run a virtual meeting. Just a few tips and tricks.

4. Entrenched

I am in love with this trench coat from Iris & Ink.… it is just stunning and well-priced (OMG..), not to mention this linen dress that is so much like the one Markle wore once…! Or this tuxedo dress that I am certain I saw on her once as well.

5. Banned

Are we into no buy bans again for the recession? I already decided last year to be more thoughtful about my purchases and to do secondhand purchases only, so I am still shopping/buying but… not stopping completely. Thoughts?

6. Spotted

I love animal prints but more graphic versions, something less literal. I don’t want to wear a leopard, or tiger, or zebra print as it is, so that it LOOKS like an animal, so when I found this Ritual sweatshirt for under $30, that looks like a camel spot, I was sold. SOLD. I know camel spot sounds weird but it matches my Banana Republic camel spot pumps as well. <3

7. Inspo

I always get inspired by Adina’s outfits and February was a particularly good month. I love her leather skirt combo in the post. Makes me want to bust mine out..

8. Inserted

I have finally found the perfect purse insert by Cuyana… and it looks sleek enough that you can use it just as an office holder for pens and things – which I am completely on board with.

9. Brainy

I am.. OB-SESSED with this free app called Brain Test. Little Bun loves it too, but he can’t get some of the levels. It is so much fun, teaches you some logic / outside-of-the-box thinking and is well-made & witty.

10. Deluxe

I have been lusting after this Alice & Olivia Wheaton blazer for a while now. I love the tie, the wrap, the blazer.. and the pure white which is one of my favourite pieces to wear. If you can’t stomach the $400 pricetag, this one by Iris and Ink may be up your alley.


  • Susan Tan

    The wheaton shawl collar blazer is 100% polyester and we both know how we feel about polyester! The look is good if only it were 100% cotton or 100% linen.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I actually tried it on in person and the polyester is of the higher end, which makes it FEEL a lot more luxe than it is, not like cheap polyester.

      That said — you’re right, it would be better in a more natural fabric. I should set my sights higher.

  • Susan Tan

    The blue blazer by iris & ink is so corporate looking that it’s so hard to make it look casual. So many offices are closed and white-collar employees are WFH forever. Blazers may be out of fashion this year!

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I’m of the opposite opinion — Blazers are one of the easiest items to look more casual with… You just wear it with jeans, and it immediately elevates the jeans but drops the blazer down a few notches. Also, people are doing a lot of ZOOM calls, and you need to look professional at least from the waist up, with jeans.

      • Roberta

        I agree, and this Iris and Ink blazer is a nice mix of corporate and more relaxed. The one sided waist tie is particularly flattering, and I love love love crepe. It doesn’t wrinkle, it looks professional, it’s halfway between crisp and sloppy.

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