Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where men’s watches are trophies

Famous men’s watches and what they mean to them. I am not into watches as in.. collecting Patek Phillipe or Rolex, but what I like is an interesting face, so Mario Andretti’s 1967 Gold Heuer Carrera is the one that I liked the most. Simple numbers, big-ish dial.. it’s what I like. However the story I preferred the best was Dmitri Dimitrov’s.

Need a last minute gift idea (we are cutting it close aren’t we)?? You can buy the book A Man & His Watch here.

I plan on aging as gracefully as Hepburn…which is perhaps why I am hand plucking out white hairs instead of dying them. 😛 For every one hair I pluck, 10 grow in…

I’m always looking for the most minimalist wallet and I think this may be it for under $90!

Turns out, this is what people are judging you on, not your clothing.


I almost brought my favourite skirt to be copied when we went to Hong Kong (pre-Little Bun) and then I chickened out. Next time I go, I’ll read this guide for tailoring in Hong Kong before then. I do have a couple of favourite pieces I’d love to have made and copied over and over again because they just fit and drape so beautifully…

For the Harry Potter lover, a trunk set of books from each of the Houses… or some Butterbeer inspired soy candles.

An interesting look at spending on a JOINT $192,000 salary in Boston. It sounds like my life, just with less events and cool things like baseball games and cocktails…

Lastly, I clearly need this shirt. YOU KNOW I DO.

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