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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: We waste 1 billion tonnes of food a year

1. Waste

We have so much food in the world and yet people are still starving, even in our own countries. Yet, we waste so much of it, it’s sickening. We waste a LOT MORE food than we think up to a BILLION tonnes per year. Part of the reason why I am desperate to get into a new home is to finally set up a real compost where we can start doing these green things.

2. Apartment composting

In the meantime however, I have been looking into composts for apartments.

3. Hidden racism

This is what I mean when I talk about systemic racism – it pays to get a second opinion about your home if you’re black. The greatest difference in home appraisal was coloured (no pun intended) by the owners’ skin colour.

4. Divided

In a room that feels way too open, I think a divider like this that you can fold up for later, makes a lot of sense. I am considering one for the living area so that I have a ‘closed off’ area for working as I get very distracted with what is happening around me.

5. Dumb and dumber

I hate to break this to you… but some people really are as dumb (ignorant? clueless?) as we think. These would be funny if they weren’t so heartbreakingly dumb.

6. Display

This linen jewellery display is perfect for my future closet to feature necklaces or to use as a jewellery stand.

7. Sexism experienced by children

No seriously. These made me see red… particularly when I read things like this:

“When I was in first grade, the school office had to call a parent because I was sick and needed to go home. At the time, it was much easier to contact my father during the day.”

“I didn’t even know an office number for my mom. At first, they simply wouldn’t believe me that my mother worked full-time and didn’t give me or the school her number. Then they asked if I had the number of an aunt or grandmother or literally any female relative to come take care of me. According to my school, my father couldn’t properly be trusted to come take me home when sick, and my mother was a bad mother for assuming he could.”

8. Featured

I’ve been featured on Captain FI’s blog, as I did a podcast with him a while back. It’s a written interview, the podcast is coming out soon too 🙂


  • Anne

    OMG, I can SO imagine myself turning to a street and see parked cars as a traffic jam 🤣 What a relief to know that other, equally absent-minded persons actually do exist…

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