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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: This is how the 1% get married with million dollar budgets

This is how the 1% get married – with million dollar budgets!

These turquoise Kendra Scott earrings are just so elegant statement pieces.

By the way, this episode of Sean K with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Season 2) on Netflix is one of my favourites. It is AMAZING how a little haircut and shave can make a guy look SO. MUCH. BETTER. Look into it…

Um… doesn’t EVERYONE do laundry when they travel for more than 2 days? O_o I didn’t know this was a Fashion Week Secret.

I really love these chandelier earrings and would wear them in a heartbeat if I had pierced ears, but then I saw the price tag and thought they misplaced the decimal. O_o

WARNING: Very graphic photo ahead — The next time you want to skip sunscreen when you’re outside, remember this picture.

Elegant, simple Sarai brown leather flat for only $70!? They look incredible and extremely luxe for the price point without being in the triple digits.

This is how to make friends and a lot of these techniques work VERY well. I have realized very recently at work that I have zero problem with this in spite of the fact that I am actually a little introverted by nature. I was having a 2-minute tea break (not even) with a coworker the other day and at the end of the tea break, he told me that he had never seen so many people come up and greet me to say hello in that short period of time, and that surprised me because I have always seen myself as shy and awkward my whole life.

I surprisingly loved these Jessica Simpson Dameera heels that are SUCH BLATANT Valentino Rockstud knockoffs. I took my own size (US 7) and they fit perfectly. They were also surprisingly comfortable for the height.

This kid cheating on a physics test is actually quite a creative feat…. I’m impressed! (But don’t cheat, kids.)

I do not know why I am suddenly thinking I need a few kimono shawl pieces on my life to throw over my outfits in the summer. I started eying this Adam Lippes shawl version… something not so “on the nose” as being a kimono per se, but something graphic.

I was fascinated by this article about British class versus American class. Yes I am talking about social status! It exists, but here in North America we are trying very hard to pretend that we are not rich (when we are), and I find myself absolutely in the thick of this denial because I really DO NOT see myself as well-off when in fact, I am. I am very deep in the upper class category…  I should start trying to be comfortable with that and accepting it.

I bought a few of these succulents for the office to give my office a bit of life.

And finally, big thanks to Gen Y Money for talking about her favourite $$$ net worth bloggers. <3


  • SarahN

    I’m reading DH Lawrence currently, so seeing British class in action, so a great article, particularly after reading the wedding article.

    Loves the flat shoes (don’t need shoes, not now, not in winter)

  • GYM

    Thanks for the mention!

    I tried to look at the sunscreen picture (just to scare myself) but I think Twitter must have taken it down.

    The link about how to avoid awkward silence is great! I’ll try that. I’ll be heading back to work soon and will have to socialize haha.

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