Save. Spend. Splurge.

I’ll be adding an additional $100,000 to my net worth this year.

Remember how I said I got a job that was $75,000 for 2 months?

Well, I got word yesterday I’ll be staying until the end of the year (at a lower rate though), for an additional $115,000.

Total being:


+ $115,000 (YAY!)


+ $190,000

More than that, I just really like this client. Lots of reasons, but mainly the people are AWESOME. My goodness. <3

I love my team and working with them. This is really ideal. I couldn’t ask for a better situation money & work-wise.

Now, assuming and taking into account everything I have been paying for:

  • My aunt in her new place (some more after-care stuff to the tune of a thousand or so)
  • Vacation — still reeling from the cost, but at least we didn’t spend all the money we brought
  • Family visiting — Yes, I have paid for it all. Hotel, transportation, food… money just bleeding out of my pocket

…and I stop shopping like an insane person, I should be good to net about $125,000 or so. I have no idea, we’ll see how the year plays out.



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