Save. Spend. Splurge.

How do you cope with stress or a bad day?

I eat and shop.

Or at least, that’s how I used to cope as of late, but I have been noticing that I now just eat, and it’s the sweet stuff I love.

Like this. Lots of this. Please.

But it’s making me fat, I think…

Comfort foods really do comfort me, but to replace shopping (lately), I’ve started doing more arts & crafts, such as making jewellery, creating silk scarves, painting and creating leather flowers.

Lately, this is what I  also ‘grammed for inspiration:

What do you do? I need ideas.


  • Alice

    When I have an unexplainable shift in my mood, I have to do something different from my everyday life. I’ve done these recently: wash my car, go to the farmer’s market, eye shopping for houseplants or aquarium plants, meet my mom for coffee, ride my bike along a trail, sew some diy crafts, and most helpful of all, an outdoor drawing session with my art teacher.

  • Lisa

    When I’m stressed, I like to lift heavy weights. It helps with any aggressions and afterword I feel way more clear-headed.

  • s.

    I would do any of the following:
    -go for a walk
    -take a shower
    -take a nap
    -drink something warm (like milk cocoa)
    -read something
    -listen to music
    -speak with someone on the phone or in person (listening to another perspective can bring more positivism)
    -get in touch with people on the internet (via blogs, discussion groups, etc.). Sometimes strangers can be helpful, too.

    Funnily, eating or shopping doesn’t help me when I feel bad. 🙂 I’d have to be in a good mood to do those (or be hungry to eat).

    Best wishes.

  • Sense

    If I’m *really* stressed, it is because someone/thing out of my control is bugging me. In that case, I retreat into my head and plan out what I need to do/say to resolve the issue or make myself feel better.

    If I’m just in a bad mood, I generally just turn off my phone and hang out by myself until the mood has passed. While doing that, I make myself something comforting for dinner (my fave: roast chicken breast, roast kumara and veggies, and a salad). I read a book in a really hot bath. I go nuts at the library and read books in bed. I escape into ridiculous reality tv, and watch on my laptop in bed. I bake something, eat a tiny bit, and give the rest away (the experience of baking and giving treats away makes me feel better, I generally don’t like eating the sweet things I make!). I say no to everything I don’t want to do. I chat to friends/family when I’m ready. I sleep lots. Everything feels better after a good nights’ sleep!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • Cassie

    When I can, I have a hot mineral salt soak in the bathtub. I wish I could do it daily, but I currently only manage to do it once every couple weeks. When I’m in the bath I’ll read something light (blogs/magazines/books), drink a cup of tea, and have a small nibble. I’ll keep lots of drinking water nearby as well. I really need to do this more often. I’ve been quite stressed lately and I’m not entirely sure why. It’s doubly frustrating because not knowing the source of the stress prevents me from doing anything about it.

  • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    PROBABLY I am not the person to give ideas on this. If this week is any indication, NOT WELL. I ate most of a tray of brownies that I ate on Sunday, and rage-walked the dog a lot. Which, I suppose, might cancel each other out but I doubt it. I also spent an extraordinary amount of time spreadsheeting which keeps the panicky feelings at bay but not the anxiety that is produced by the numbers. Lots more walking in my future.
    We should do more stretching out, too. I bet that would work wonders for us, combined with deep breathing. Not that we can do that much with the babies around. If BB is anything like JuggerBaby, you’ll have a small minion clinging to your back making monkey noises at you. But that’s kind of funny… soooo it’s ok.

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