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Sherry’s Latest DIY Jewellery – The Galaxy Edition


I wanted something ethereal and cool, at least, to make me want to wear these pieces instead of passing them over for more interesting pieces.

I have a lot of jewellery, I’d say well over 200 pieces counting everything, and there are pieces I just don’t reach for, for various reasons, so I’ve started rounding up jewellery I no longer wear and I will be devoting energy towards spicing them up.

I am starting to get bored of just stringing things together, so my brain has decided it needs more stimulation… so I came up with galaxies as the theme as inspired by Baby Bun because he is currently obsessed with his planet underwear (Mars, Saturn, Earth, etc).


I love the idea of a starry night above us that we all share, and the endless possibilities of an unexplored universe. A lot of my jewellery is very nature-inspired, and the galaxy is part of nature, and even cooler, it’s unknown!


I started with this piece before I really got into a groove:

I never really reached for this necklace because while I love the crosshatch design, I found it a bit plain. I have so many other cooler gold necklaces that this one never came up on my radar when I rifled through my jewellery pouches to pick out something to wear.

My outfits are more neutral these days, so I need something different as a pop of interest, and it’s usually jewellery. This one is rather boring in terms of ‘pop’, so.. yeah, unworn.


So I kept the top half clear and only did the bottom half to give it the look of the Northern Lights as I imagine they may look like when in full blast. I have yet to go see these Lights, but I hear the trek is a bit of an ordeal. I’m not a very active person (admittedly), so it is a bit daunting, but I would like to see them at least once in my lifetime.


Again, boring. I have a lot of gold cuffs, and this one in gold and silver is nice but not any different from my other ones.



I even video’d it, did you catch it on my Instagram?


I made this. I liked it, I didn’t love it. Can’t figure out why. I just never reached for it.

So I decided to take inspiration from asteroids (due to the blue stones) and make it part of the necklace:

I decided to keep the top ethereal, and the asteroids would lead down to the galaxy at the bottom.


I loved this necklace when I got it. A statement piece, big bold and in THREE metals? I could (hypothetically) wear it with anything. It all goes together, right?

But the shape is off (I have other gorgeous fan / bib necklaces à la Danerys I wear more often), and this one just languished in my jewellery bag.

So I decided to make it all one golden sunburst colour and splatter a sunburst at the bottom:


Two plain boring rings. I liked the rose gold, the metal.. you would think I would wear it more often because it’s so bold yet minimalist, but NOPE!

Too boring.

So I decided to fix them up a little, to match the collection:


I made this. It was simple. It was boring. I couldn’t figure out what else to do to it. Decided to take the night sky and paint it on:

I will make another set and turn it into a landscaped piece with green grass and hills…

So that’s what I have been up to lately.

I have another set of more inspired pieces in the works. Lots of other boring necklaces to work on!


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