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Wandering into the unknown.

So…. as of late, I have been having dizzy spells, headaches, nausea and have been seeing spots sometimes from the strain in my brain.

If it doesn’t go away by the end of this month or so (I have been taking care to sleep more to rule out sleep deprivation), I’m going to go see my doctor and schedule a brain scan, as she suggested the last time I was in.

I’ve had a few instances when I have almost blacked out and this can’t be happening with a toddler dependent on me.

I wonder how much it’s going to cost.

Hopefully nothing, our healthcare system is pretty generous for what we pay.

Anyone have any ideas what it may be?

I have ruled out or am in the process of ruling out:

  • Vitamin C – Have been drinking freshly squeezed orange juice for the past week
  • Being more vegan/vegetarian for Iron / B12 – I still eat meat, drink dairy (just not as often) and put nutritional yeast in my food, along with eating lots of spinach and leafy greens (been putting them in my burger patties and smoothies)
  • Sleep deprivation – Not entirely 100% sure this is not the cause but I have been sleeping a lot more and trying to sleep earlier and doze off to let my partner take over at night so that I get an extra hour in
  • Caffeine – I have always drunk only two cups of tea the whole day; one cup of green matcha tea in the morning followed by a cup of black tea. Then I stop all caffeine intake.
  • Sugar – I have been eating LESS not more although lately I made myself some homemade Creamy Lemon Ice Cream.
  • Inner ear infection – I know I have eczema in my ear and I wonder if it’s causing that, but will need to see a specialist to check.

The only other thing I can think of is just plain old stress manifesting itself, and/or not having a chance to do yoga like I have been doing before because I am still getting over my cold / bronchitis which I thought was the cause but it is almost 100% gone with just a residual cough left.

Any other thoughts of what I could try?


  • Susan Tan

    What was the resolution or diagnosis?

  • Dawn

    Firstly I’m so sorry this has been happening, it must be a worry. The only thing I think I can add is that it often takes a while to be fully diagnosed so there really is no harm starting the process as soon as possible. If it clears up then great, if not you are already one or two tests down the line to being able to address whatever it might be. Good luck!

  • raluca

    Blood pressure? Maybe “wandering” blood pressure, that it’s sometimes high and sometimes low? Brought about by stress?
    I hope you get better!

  • Julie

    I had all the same symptoms and ended up having a tumor in my ear. I would have a CT scan and blood work done to cover all of your bases. Also, check if you can get a consult with an ENT specialist, you can get a referral from your general practitioner. Good luck and I hope it is only something minor!

  • Anna

    It sounds like vertigo, which can be caused by an infection. I agree that you should go to the doctor again. There are special exercises which can be done for vertigo.

  • Sense

    Oh no!!

    I hope it goes away soon, or you figure out what is going on. That does NOT sound fun.

    Maybe vertigo? My supervisor got this due to extreme stress (her dad was dying and work and homelife were stressful).

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I don’t think I’m under any extreme stress because there’s nothing to really stress about except the money thing which I should be fine on for the next 2 years if I stay low in expenditures…

      Will go and see a doctor for sure.

  • nurse in Ohio

    You need a complete physical, including blood counts and metabolic profile labwork and imaging of the brain- cat scan or MRI. This could be simple and minor like atypical migraines or excessive stress or as serious as a brain tumor. Since this has been ongoing, do not mess around; get checked out. If it turns out to be minor, then great, and if not, then you know and can get early intervention. I gradually lost hearing in one ear and didn’t get it checked right away. It turned out to be a tumor, benign fortunately, but still… and now I have permanent hearing loss on one side after a craniotomy.. Your health is everything.

  • McKristie

    That happened to me for quite a few years in my life especially during periods of stress. I started supplementing with both magnesium and potassium and also adding in a grass fed collagen powder. The additional amino acid’s in the collagen powder and the supplements helped a ton. Mine was nutriinsl and stressed based. I ttake potassium in the morning and magnesium before bed and the collagen in my morning cup of tea.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Thanks for the tip! I am not sure collagen would be good for me because I read it can make joints more painful and it would be better to take something like Bio-Sil that generates collagen, which I do! I will also look into eating more magnesium and potassium.. ate a banana this morning to start.

      • McKristie

        That I had not heard! My mother has arthritis and it helps her tremendously! Now I have to research that!! Coconut water and tomato juice has a ton of potassium also ( my doctor recommended both and told me less sugar and more potassium than bananas).

        • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

          Interesting I have to read up more on it then, if it works for her, I wonder why people say that?

          Your mother should also try eating more basil or pesto, I have recommended it to my mother and her arthritis is better…

          Coconut water is very delicious but I find if it comes in a can, I taste the metal in it.

  • Crochet Maniac

    Go see the doctor ASAP! It could be something major, or you could drop the baby.

  • Shauna Otway

    I would have your thyroid levels checked, make sure they check freeT3 and T4 levels not just your TSH, as well as, your ferritin/iron levels. Most women are low in iron and especially if you don’t eat much red meat etc. There is a huge range in what is “acceptable” for iron levels but some women need to be over 75 to feel right. Good luck.

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