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Fairly cheap, eco-friendly dryer ball and sheet replacements

I don’t use dryer sheets or balls (they’re plastic), because I was once told that the nice smooth silky feeling your clothes get, is actually animal fat coating the fibers.

True or not, I stopped using them about 5 years ago and I haven’t noticed any static but this is probably because I wash my clothes in communal laundry areas, and the residue of other dryer sheets gets onto my clothes.

That’s why I absolutely love this dryer ball wool felt alternative by One Good Thing by Jillee.

For $5, and with some essential oil, you can avoid buying dryer products (and we love saving money!!), and be eco-friendly to boot, as you won’t be tossing them into the garbage or buying silicone/plastic dryer balls.


(Picture obviously taken from

Looks pretty easy to make.

The idea is just to grab a wool skein, making 4 dryer balls out of it, turn the first layer into felt by covering it pantyhose and drying it, and then it’s good to go.

They’ll get smaller and smaller as they continue to felt, but you can wrap a new skein around it once it becomes too small.

I’m thinking of doing it…. At the very least, to make my parents stop using dryer sheets/balls.



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