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Do you work at a job you hate? Why?

I’m curious so I’m posing the question —

Do you work at a job that you hate? Why?

Is it just for the money?

Or is it more that it’s secure and stable?

Perhaps you don’t know if you could find a similar job elsewhere?

Maybe you would like to do another job but don’t actually know what it is (e.g. have no clue what your ‘dream job’ is)?

Every time I have worked at a job I hated, I stuck with it because of any of these reasons:

  • Too lazy to change
  • Knew it was temporary (e.g. I would go to college and switch to a career)
  • Needed the money and it offered the hours / cash I needed

Still, it’d be interesting to hear why you work at a job you hate (that is, if that is your situation right now).

As a follow-up question:

Why not try and find / search for a job you don’t hate (not necessarily ‘love’)?


  • One More Knight

    I am too lazy and the pay is much better than I’d likely get elsewhere (and I don’t think that’s just pessimism).

    I hate the job because I have a lot to say, as do a few close colleagues, but no one listens. There’s such organisational malaise that people won’t even take on board the “told you so” moments. Every day is a struggle not to walk out or blow up at the latest piece of craziness. We see money being wasted, people doing what they’ve always done even though the output has no value, and senior management buying the cheapest thing without checking what they’re (not) getting.

    I need to get off my lazy ass and find more fulfilling work. I look at job listings and get demotivated quickly. I know I need to take action before I get kicked out and end up either penniless or doing work even less fulfilling.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      You know, that’s the right course of action because inaction can be worse…. at least you need a backup plan. The way things are going, you aren’t going to be there for long and they’ll bankrupt themselves unless they’re in an industry like investment banking or oil 😛

  • Brandi

    I have a specialized field that I am in so it takes awhile to find another position within my field. While I love what I do, I don’t love the current place I am working at.

  • Taylor Lee @ Yuppie Millennial

    Money and a non-compete. Other jobs I could get don’t pay nearly as well and I have a net worth number in mind before I start having kids.

  • Alexis

    Money and adds to my resume. Getting that first job post-graduation can be tough.

  • raluca

    I have only stayed in a job a hated long enough to find a new one. So, 4 months. Life is short and with a job you hate, it gets even shorter.

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