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Bonus Stuffie Adventure: The Starbucks for Life Game

Little Bun LOVES Starbucks for Life, which is a holiday game that happens annually. This year, they added a little bonus story about Basil the Mouse.

It starts like this:

Little Bun and the Stuffies chose the train because they thought it was going to be more fun!




The Stuffies joined in and first Little Bun made a Postcard for them, depicting what they had to do and where they had to go:

They built a train together:


And made it to PILLOW MOUNTAIN!

Moving on….

After it was tapped:



Little Bun figured this out and then told the Stuffies:

So then Babiest Stuffie decided they all needed to celebrate with gumdrops:

Moving on…


Yes of course!

The Stuffies find TWO lights to help Melody:


Okay, so then we had to end the adventure because I am not making 4 purchases before 11 a.m. or whatever it is (each purchase is $3 at least, so $3 x 4 = $12…).. and unfortunately we never found out the rest of the story. HAH!

Womp womp.

But they had fun.


P.S. You can see the other Bonus Stuffie Adventures here.

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