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Bloggers: Alternative to Google Adsense for an Advertising Network (Monumetric Review)

This is mostly for bloggers, but when I first started, I only knew of Google Adsense.

Since then, I have discovered other ad networks (some great, some NOT), and the most consistent one I have found is Monumetric (referral link here – thanks in advance!).

Their console looks like this, full of cute graphs, and images…

And other graphs you can click on to drill down onto more info:

It is probably my biggest ad network in terms of earnings to date and their team is super helpful.

My earnings below in $USD:

I had some issues with their ads before clogging up my site, expressed my displeasure and they logged in and fixed it for me by removing the ones that were causing the lag. At least, I hope it has been fixed. I don’t visit my site daily to check on the ads because I don’t want to be in violation of the policies, and when I have searched/gone to my blog, it has been fine. Do let me know though!

Anyway, besides Google Adsense, Monumetric has been more than solid for me.

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