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How does Like to Know It Work for Shopping for Instagram Outfits?

I am on Instagram @saverspender and I just joined something called “Like To Know It”.. which I am going to start using as a way to answer all the questions of “where did you buy / get this”.

Of course, you can ALWAYS email me and I will email you back (or message me) but it might be easier for you to do it via Like To Know it.

OK so how it works is like this:

1. You need to be on Instagram already (obviously), then the next step is to sign up for Like to Know It.

2. Whenever you “Like” an Instagram Picture that you enjoy that has a Like to Know it URL like below..


3. Then when you sign back into Like to Know it, in the Menu click on LIKES and you will see all the photos you liked on Instagram with the items in the outfit (or similar ones anyway).


And you will see it right here, the photo you liked & the items below:





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