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Style Shopper: Dupe for the Reiss Lorna Knitted Asymmetric Sweater Top

Stop the presses everyone! Remember my beloved Reiss Lorna sweaters I am obsessed with? (Oh and I reviewed the Reiss Lara Dress and the sweaters here)

Well I found similar ones for less than a third of the price at $30 CAD.

They look pretty darn good, and the reviews are good too:


Here’s a light white version (they also have pure white, beige, etc)

Now the differences to me, are obvious – this is more of a dolman/batwing top, so you are not going to get that kind of asymmetrical artfully draped bagginess on either side as pictured here:


And the neckline looks tighter, so you won’t be able to pull it down for a one shoulder look as shown here:

But I daresay for $30 CAD, this batwing dolman sleeve sweater is a pretty close look to this piece which I paid $205 CAD for. I mean, 1/6th of the price is not too shabby.

Happy shopping!

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