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Ask Sherry: What would I have done differently in this career situation?

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My colleague left on short notice and I took the opportunity to negotiate a larger raise than what was offered, and I got it. My boss hired two new people to replace the one colleague. For the next few years, my boss simply reduced the raise that I would normally get. He wasn’t afraid of me leaving anymore since he already had two other employees. For the same reason, I didn’t try to negotiate for more. So in the end, I didn’t really come out ahead. Is there anything that you would have done differently?

You did the right thing asking for a bigger raise. For the other years for the raise, why didn’t you ask for the same / more amount of money?

Listen, all businesses are that – a business. Your boss is not a monster, they are just a business owner that sees income and expenses. You wanted more money this year? You’ll get less next year.

I cannot speak for your job, the demand in your industry, etc, because I can only see it in my situation.. but I would have already quit by now. In fact you’re a bit late, if you were on my timeline.

See if by the next year I got a lower raise than what I normally got, and I didn’t ask for more / my usual raise….. I would have quit.

I would have tried to take as much as I could, or at least maintain AT my level of my raise (I am assuming a real salary raise and not a bonus).

I would have found another job, and in my area, I am a senior with a lot more knowledge of the business, experience etc, and having two juniors that don’t know anything stay on while I train them to do the job, sounds to me like a raw deal.

My motto is this:

That said..

Are you getting regular raises?

Are they in line with inflation?

Are you otherwise happy with your job?

I’d say all of these things are great reasons to accept it and stay. You have so many other benefits other than money itself, assuming you have enough to live on and save.

Sometimes, it isn’t just all about money and squeezing everything out of someone — they do have limits, and if you want more than what those limits could have offered you, then you need to find / do another job.

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