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Ask Sherry: All about my favourite baby names

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When you visit relatives, do you sleep at their place or at a hotel?

Their place if it is my partner’s side, and hotel if it is mine.

What are the most important things in life to you? (in order of importance;
some can maybe occupy an equal place)

  1. Happiness
  2. Family – Obviously.
  3. Health / Time – Time to do what I want and the health to take advantage of it
  4. Career / Money – Need $$$ to take care of & do all of the above
  5. Mental stimulation – by reading, watching TV shows, great music etc
  6. Yoga – I am really loving the physical practice and watching in amazement as my body gets better and better at it

What do you like and love most? What do you value most? What are those constant things and/or people that make your life happy?

See above.

As for constant “things”… do you mean material possessions?

I rather love working on my laptop, using my iPod touch and being completely free with a car. I also love using my brain at work and solving problems.

What are some of your favorite boy names and girl names?

I’ve always liked Emma, Julia, Ava, Adele, and Annalise.

As for boy names, I’ve liked Ben, Evan, Andrew, and James.

Simple two consonant names are best, and remember that people truncate those names to be nicknames.

Also, what examples of classic, simple and elegant boy names and girl names can you think of? (in any language, but preferably English or French)

See above. They’re simple and sound nice, without any accents in French which make them hard to type and remember or pronounce.

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