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10 Cool Small & Tiny Closet Wardrobe Makeovers, Hacks & Organization Ideas I Love

Source: Style Lovely

  • Love the dreamy wallpaper at the back of the wall
  • Notice how she put fake hanging plants to carry the effect over which is a very cool idea in terms of design and aesthetic
  • All of her clothes are white or cream (LOL.. not in my closet) but it lends to a nice look
  • Crisp white boxes instead of baskets
  • Love the display shelves with quotes, boxes, and bags
  • Little tiny rose gold metallic paper bags everywhere to hold little things I suppose but they add a nice metallic touch
  • Small stool in the corner to help reach the top shelves

This one image, is what set me off on my closet makeover redo fever. I saw it and thought: I could have something like that. Why not? And that’s how I started trying to redesign and redo my closet, roping my partner in the process.

Source: Olive Branch Cottage

I love what Morgan of OBC did to this small closet. Even though it is wire racks and I hate wire racks, it looks great for a few reasons:

  • Everything was kept very minimal – you can see the racks are not overflowing, there aren’t baskets on the floor, etc
  • The light fixture is a jewel and super bright
  • The floors have a carpet and it looks inviting
  • Shiplap on the walls makes it look interesting instead of just paint
  • All the hangers match
  • All the wood matches – even the wood on the hangers, ties in with the woven baskets
  • Even all the clothes kind of match which visually (and maybe for the shot?) looks great
  • The theme of the closet is natural which gives a warm, yet clean feel

It looks great. I just know that it wouldn’t quite work for me personally as I don’t like wire shelving, and I have way too many clothes and things.

Even the boots alone – I have as many if not more than what she has pictured here, but then I have sandals, knee-high boots, flat over the knee boots, heels, flats… you get the drift.

Source: Apartment Therapy

  • Love that they’re all hanging by style – sleeveless and then sleeved clothing
  • Shoes are properly arranged at the top
  • It’s an open closet that is kept minimal/simple
  • Bags on the floor underneath hold other things but are also display worthy

Again, wouldn’t work for me, but I like the idea of the wooden pole across the top, and the MASSIVE mirror for selfies.

Source: Erin Spain

Another small space transformed!

  • Love the little side table — I am all about side tables to hold things
  • The hooks for the bigger bags on display on the side uses up that wall space that would otherwise be empty
  • Love the wallpapered back of the bookcase (?) where things are on display
  • Love the open wire basket idea at the top to hold things like small silk scarves
  • The jewellery hanging on hooks at the back is fantastic
  • Small wooden bowl /tray thing to hold rings, cuffs or sunglasses…

I am already going to have a surface space in my closet (a large tall dresser) and my bookcase is going to have beautiful decals at the back, which means I have to leave the shelving open to display the gorgeous design.

I will also have a jewellery rack like this, but on the other side above the dresser.

Source: Un-Fancy

  • This is just seasonal wear – she puts out of season stuff in storage boxes that gets stored elsewhere and ONLY what she wears for that season is displayed
  • Like the spaced out shelving for the shoes
  • The hats there are also a good idea – I plan on hanging mine up on the wall
  • I like how she went from longer dresses to shorter tops in the middle, then longer coats/cardigans on the right
  • Folded jeans two at a time make them easier to pick off rather than toppling the whole pile
  • She has a drawer / dresser thing as well that isn’t pictured.

I think I will likely keep my jeans folded as well, and have been looking at these shelf dividers to keep them and my sweaters from falling over while on the bookcase.

Source: None. If you have it, holler.

I like this space for 3 reasons:

  • Rail space across the top for the tops and shorter items
  • Rail space at the back for longer dresses and coats
  • The whole thing is just rails across the side and back, and then two Ikea dressers stacked beside each other to create at table and lots of drawer space – SO SIMPLE
  • Love the mirror inside the closet – mine has to be full-length by the way
  • Uniform boxes at the top, likely storing shoes and heels

Source: House of Philia

  • This isn’t all of her closet, there’s still about two more sets of PAX wardrobe sections to the left after you walk in.
  • She organized it by colour, and it looks phenomenal inside because she is an obvious clotheshorse like me
  • She has a hook on the side of the wardrobe to hang smaller bags on display
  • Art also hangs on the inside (although it would bother me that the frame is larger than the column it is hanging on)

Source: Polished Habitat

  • Love that little nook she created above the bottom rail that has shelf dividers for her purses, AND a little acrylic DIY purse divider system she uses to hang smaller pouches
  • Love the dark walls to make everything including a piece of art pop
  • Shoes tucked underneath the tops, really utilizing the space
  • I see the hardware changed on the dresser in the corner to sleek gold handles

Source: Meg Biram

  • What you see at first glance is that fantastic floating shelf idea with the folded jeans and sweaters and the boots and shoes on top
  • Then you peek around the corner and the nook to the side holds all the clothing!!!!
  • Looks fantastically minimal and interesting, I feel like MORE fits in this style of closet hanging when it is open (no doors although adding a curtain could be cool), than if you used it traditionally with a rail across the back.
  • Peep the super high heels on top of the entire closet as they likely don’t get daily wear

Source: Diana Elizabeth

  • Full of great ideas – Did you see the separate hook tabs on the rails to keep clothes organized?
  • Shoes on the outside of the closet on display (this is not happening in my redo)
  • Fantastic graphic wallpaper at the back
  • Clear boxes at the top so you can see what scarves are inside
  • Shelf dividers!!!!
  • New lamp that looks like a jewel in the closet

Source: None. Holler if you have it.

  • OK, this isn’t a small closet by any means, it’s a commercial shop, but let’s look at how NICE this looks with the copper rods
  • The shelving displays pictures and pretty makeup brushes, even a nice vase with faux (?) flowers
  • The hangers all match the rods themselves with copper hooks

The last little trick is maybe a thick mirror frame that can hide jewellery behind it:


  1. Can’t have too much crap. You know this, I know this, we all know this.
  2. Use matching baskets/boxes to keep a uniform look
  3. Hangers have to all be the same for a visual effect
  4. Using wallpaper to brighten up the space for a luxe effect
  5. Using hooks on empty columns/spaces to hang belts, bags, scarves and the like
  6. Everything has to really be kept neat and tidy – properly folded jeans and sweaters…
  7. Artfully display bags, shoes and things of interest
  8. Maximize vertical space – You’ll notice baskets, shoes and things tucked right up to the ceiling
  9. Consider a small table or chair in there – would be handy to place things on, sit on, etc
  10. Display only what you use; store the rest out of season if possible

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