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You’d have to be pretty trusting to fall for these scammers and phishers (email scams)

I see plenty of them in my email even though I’m sure they’re filtered quite well

  • Send money to Nigeria to release the fortunes of a prince
  • A “friend”/client/acquaintance is trapped overseas and needs money to come home


But those are pretty obvious, because they look like this:



I mean it is all wrong. ALL WRONG. Comes from Brazil, no less.

Anyway, just received this one in the mail and thought you’d all laugh at this.



At first glance, it looks all right if you don’t read too closely, until you see these mistakes:

Stupid-Fake-Google-Email-Scammers-Email-Sample 2

There is no way Google would ever:

  1. Send me an email with (no subject)
  2. From an account called “Google Account”
  3. From an email that is clearly NOT Google —
  4. With horrible spelling typos like “out” or “verifiy”
  5. ..and sign off with “Sincerely, Email Disclaimer”
  6. Asks me to click on a link in the email to verify my account… that I’m already logged into. 😛


You have to be pretty green to fall for this, and unfortunately a lot of people who are not as tech-savvy might, so if you know someone like that — your parents, grandparents, old elderly aunt — please warn them to not click on anything, send any money or do anything without first consulting you just in case.

This isn’t the funniest one I’ve gotten either, there were far worse ones.





  • Anne @ Unique Gifter

    Oh man – I was even going to take a screen shot of a funny one this am but then figured it wasn’t worthwhile! The tagline said something like “Even if your rich don’t waste your money on dangerous knock off drugs” …and of course they were SELLING KNOCKOFF DRUGS. ahhhh, spammers.

    Ahem, I sometimes like to respond to the Nigeria ones and tell them to stop trying to steal from people. Especially the ones that are full of “God bless you” lines. I have never yet received a response to my “I don’t think God wants you to try to steal from people.” emails. heh. Cruel? Funny? I don’t know why it amuses me so much.

    • Mochi & Macarons

      “even if your rich”. That kills me!!! I haven’t bothered replying to anything. They’ve already wasted my time by being in my Inbox 🙂

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