Save. Spend. Splurge.

Why women need to be more financially independent than men

Because we are women.

Women are….

  • more likely to work less due to maternity leave (and just being pregnant is rough)
  • paying more for ‘female’ things or services like razors because.. they’re pink, or more for drycleaning our shirts (re: pink tax)
  • having to pay for female grooming as part of our jobs (e.g. pantyhose with NO RIPS, makeup, etc as an airline attendant)
  • enduring discriminatory hiring practices because we are of a child-bearing age (oh no, she may leave us and have kids versus guys)
  • shouldering the burden of childcare by having to cut back on working hours and go part-time (this one makes me see red)
  • working for less money than what we are worth and be paid less because our incomes are seen as superfluous
  • not likely to be promoted or given raises because we are too pushy in even asking in the first place
  • saving less money overall
  • living longer than our spouses by a good 10 years which means we need to have more saved for that last decade
  • ending up financially destitute or in the dark if our spouses leave us and be unable to handle anything, which ends up being a financial mess that may take a lifetime to dig out of if ever…

On top of that, we are…

  • more likely to end up with our children if there is a separation, while not having the security of a guaranteed child support (so many fathers are deadbeats)
  • be saddled with family or elder/aging care responsibilities especially as daughters or daughters-in-law

All of this is added emotional stress, and expenses.

Lastly, we are definitely penalized with a motherhood tax at work by being seen as less competent, or being seen as undesirable because we are of a childbearing age, or have to handle our children while men who do the same thing as fathers, gain in more money and status and have a fatherhood boost in earnings and promotions.

We need to be financially independent because we are the ones who are the most vulnerable and need the most security as we age.

We need to learn about our money because it is OUR MONEY and NO ONE ELSE will care more about it than you.

We need to be careful about our money, understand it, manage it, and make sure we aren’t left in the lurch by anyone.

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