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Who are the Billionaires of the World?

Bloomberg came out with an AMAZING tool that pretty much tracks every billionaire in the world.

(As if we weren’t already nosy and annoying enough for them.)

It comes in cartoon head form and shows the net worth rankings of each billionaire in the world:



You can even scroll over the head to see their exact net worth. I chose Liliane Bettencourt of L’Oreal, who is the richest woman in France, and clicked on their head for a short profile:


You can also sort by gender, and look at the list of all the women billionaires for instance:

You can play around with it here.

Via FD.


  • Anne @ Unique Gifter

    Ohhh, what a fun toy! I sent it to my spouse nad we are both playing with it.

  • Liquid_Independence

    Great find. That’s a pretty nifty tool :0) I’m embarrassed I don’t even recognize half of the names on that list. Glad to see a mix of men and women though 😀 Maybe one day you or I will become a billionaire too lol, who knows.

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