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When you look at yourself, can you describe who you see?

Confident, a little sarcastic, educated & good-humoured.

(You should hear this woman talking to her toddler in public. LOL.

Once I had a guy burst out laughing when he eavesdropped on me teasing my toddler, telling him I was going to eat him for being so naughty and if I ate him, what would Mommy have to do? She’d have to make ANOTHER one and tell the new one how naughty the last one was… 😉 )

It isn’t based on anyone in particular but a whole bunch of women I have known over the years, and female & male lead characters in books I admire.

They like being neat, well-dressed (I wear white with a toddler) and may even come across a bit snobby based on my clothes (ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE, I’m just shy), with expensive tastes (especially if I wear my trenches or other luxurious fabrics).

They might think I have a lot of money, or not much at all.

It really varies based on my outfit.

I once had someone treat me rather shabbily for a few years in a store, in the sense that she ignored me in favour of other ‘richer’ clients, sort of thought I was there only for a good deal, until I walked in with Hermès boots and a Burberry trench which she recognized and from that day on, I was her favourite visitor.


*eye roll*

I just like shopping there, and it didn’t matter to me whether she thought I was rich or not, but it made me laugh in a kind of amused manner that people act so differently if they think you’re poor or rich.

She should have paid more attention to my attitude & mannerisms than to my clothing.


The entire series can be found here: Women in Clothes Style & Fashion Survey


  • Ms. Frugal Asian Finance

    I’ve seen that type of behavior from salespeople before. It’s sad, but at the end of the day I understand why they do that. They’re not there to make friends with the customers, so they don’t really care about our personalities or kindness.

    Their main goal is to make lots of sales so that they can take home a good income. They have limited time and have to think about the best way (aka the most profitable clients) to maximize the return to their time spent with the clients.

    I guess it’s just the reality of life.

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