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What I read: Part 4 of 4… Backlog from the past few months of 2023

BOOK COUNT FOR THE YEAR: 123 ending NOvember

  • January: 4
  • February: 29
  • March: 21
  • April: ??
  • May: ??
  • June:??
  • July:??
  • August: ??
  • September: ??
  • October: ??
  • November: 69 books

Part 1 = 11 Books

Part 2 = 10 Books

Part 3 = 9 Books

Part 4 = 39 Books (because they were all part of a whole series…)

  • December: TBD

Shadow and Bone Trilogy: Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising

Another excellent set of books, I discovered her in the summer and then devoured all of her books one after another. I could not stop reading. This was the first trilogy I started with, and then I branched off into her other worlds. VERY good fantasy read.

You can also imagine that I read all of her other books like this duology


And then I started on this other duology..


This other duology..

Alex Stern: Ninth House & Hell-Bent

And read all the little other one-off books in between..

Language of Thorns

Lives of Saints

The Tailor

Demon in the Wood

Electra McDonnell Series (6 books so far)

I also discovered a new author – Ashley Weaver – and read every single thing she wrote. It is all mystery-based, set in World War II. I love everything about her writing, though I will say she tends to draw out relationships to the point where it is painful or frustrating to read about them. Still, the mystery itself and how she concludes them, is extremely satisfying and delightful.

Her other series:

Amory Ames (7 Books so far)

This is the series where the relationship part of it is so painful to read, but I just skip over it, in what is otherwise, a great set of mysteries. I just want them to conclude whatever this relationship song and dance is, and get on with the mystery solving.

Kathryn Ardleigh Mystery Books by Robin Paige: 12 in the series so far

I read every single one in the most recent weeks and I very much enjoyed them all. They’re simply told, easy to follow and hard to guess in terms of who did it. I also like how headstrong the character is (I am sensing a theme here in the books I prefer..)

Postmortem: Book 1

A more modern setting for mysteries than I have been used to (mine are all World War II or earlier as of late), and this one is book 1 of 27 (*DELICIOUS*), because I get to read all about Kay Scarpetta (this time from a medical examiner’s experience) and I will experience all of the books for the first time. I will be starting on all of them in the following weeks unless a book pops up and derails this plan.

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